This record is a ground breaking, landmark and historic work of art. No self respecting sci - fi nerd can hold their head up high and not own this album.

The full story behind this achievement can be read on the back of the album as displayed in the pic.

I have wanted this record ever since I got the movie on dvd. I checked around town at my favorite record stores but no one had it. I was lucky enough to find it online and at a very reasonable price at and the last time I checked they still had some in stock.

Dont have a copy? Get yours and enjoy!

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Another outstanding post!

I use the Forbidden Planet LP in my miltimedia lecture on the history of experimental music. It's one of my favorites.

I bought the same disc you have pictured but a week later was lucky enough to find a Record Store Day green vinyl pressing with the original art.

My favorite part of the Forbidden Planet story was that despite the groundbreaking nature of the recording they were rejected from the Musician's Union and weren't considered for a single award, instead labeling the disc as "electronic tonalities." Cage would be the first to call their work "music."

Again, great post; keep them coming!

Yeah, the were completely shafted out of their fair share of recognition, but time has vindicated their contribution. Pioneers are more often than not passed over if not outright persecuted by the dinosaurs they are replacing.

Green vinyl with original art work! That would be my most prized possession!

You sir just may be my Moriarty. Or vice versa.


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