I have only ever bought two records that I never played. And this is one of them.

I found this gem at Half Price Books on clearance for $1.00 and could not pass it up.

A dollar is damn cheap for a record and very cool when that record is not all F'ed up and un playable.

I figured that if I were to own a bible why not on vinyl? I have not listened to it yet because I simply lack an interest in the subject matter, but having "The Holy Bible!" on vinyl makes me laugh. It is so silly it makes me smile. And thats cheap for a dollar!

As far as I can tell this is selected tales from the bible presented in song form.

Very fitting. The Universe of The Lord Of The Rings was created by the Deity Eru Iluvatar through music and chanting, The Music Of The Ainur.

This is a double vinyl set in a gate fold sleeve with a lyric sheet insert.

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Allow me to retort with one of my bizarre obscuro records.

The London Rock Symphony performs, "Moses and the Impossible Ten."

Check out the album art from this eBay auction.


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