The masterful downtempo duo that was Lemon Jelly (currently "sleeping") are known not just for their contagiously fun music but also for their own graphic design company - Airside, which has won a number of awards and has serviced many big name clients throughout the 90s and early 00s.

Airside's iconic album art for each of Lemon Jelly's releases are outstanding, unique and instantly memorable.

Early on they released two bootlegs, each with with uncleared samples which prevented them from putting their name anywhere on the packaging.  Still, the trademarked Jelly font is an instant giveaway. 

The "Rolled/Oats" single came in a hand-screenprinted hessian bag with a gold-spraypainted disc.

Soon after, the "Soft/Rock" single was released, this time in screenprinted denim jeans with a blue 45 and a flavored condom in the pocket.

These have since become highly sought-after Jelly collectibles, commanding $80-$150 for each single.

But where Lemon Jelly really shines are their 12" gatefold LPs.

Their first official LP was a collection of the three previously-issued EPs, titled

Here is a high-resolution photo gallery of my copy.

.ky was the first album in my history as a collector where I did not have to give a moment's thought about the $200 price tag.

The album that followed, Lost Horizons made them a household name in the world of downtempo electronica.

Once again, click here for a high-res photo gallery of my copy

Check out Airside's animated video for the hit, "Nice Weather For Ducks" from Lost Horizons (2003).

And finally, the animated video from "'75 aka Stay With You" from their '64-'95 DVD.

So what are your favorite examples of outstanding album design?

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Those are very cool. Great pieces of pop art. I have plenty of records with amazing album art but I cant think of any that have a particularly unique package design. I'll have to have a think and peek.


Thats a cute collection.

So what are your favorite examples of outstanding album design?

The first thing I think of are the Beatles album covers. My older siblings were bringing them home and I can remember staring at them for hours. This is when we would be just excited about album cover artwork as the music. My son collects these now.

  I can also remember when Richard Branson released his Virgin label. I can remember being very intrigued by it. Alice Cooper had some pretty good album designs. The Rolling Stones too. I could go on and on.  There are just too many to mention.


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