I'd love to see everyone's favorite signed LPs!

My #1 was when I met George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic.  

The band performed live (for free!) in my city last summer.  I brought along the rare limited-edition Osmium 180g picture disc.

It's a re-issue of Parliament's hard-to-find first record.  750 copies were produced in Argentina in 2003, all of which quickly disappeared.  One copy surfaced in the past four years - this one in Thessaloniki, Greece and in mint unplayed condition.  I bought it right away!

I waited beside the tour bus after the performance and it paid off.  After the park quieted down and everyone left, several members of the band came out and signed my disc.  And just before George hopped into his van he approached me, took the album, removed his sunglasses, raised his eyebrows, and added his autograph with a smile.

I'm hoping to meet Bootsy Collins and Bernie Worrell the next time they perform near my city.  Their signatures would make my P-Funk dream complete!

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groove is in the heart

Reminds me I need to re watch The Mighty Boosh episode "The Legend Of Old Gregg!"

Very cool!

I think I only have one signed record, But its not a music record, its the 1st podcast ever committed exclusively on vinyl.

I'll post pics of it soon.

Thanks for sharing.


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