This Record Store Day I was fortunate to add Amon Düül II's Phallus Dei to my krautrock library.

But for those just getting into the genre of German experimental music, Can's albums recorded between 1971 and 1973 are absolutely essential listening.

Original pressings will set you back about $150 apiece, but fortunately an unofficial limited run of 180g marbled colored discs were produced in 2007 along with the original album artwork.  These boots are much easier on your wallet - I picked up all three albums new for $55.

Released in 1971, Tago Mago was one of Can's most experimental and free-form recordings.  Check out “Peking O” for a wild standout track.

A year later they followed it up with Ege Bamyasi.  This album features Can's best-known tracks, “Vitamin C” and “Spoon.”

And in 1973 Can journeyed into proto-ambient territory with the lengthy and memorable title track of Future Days. (This is the album that introduced me to Can.)

And when I saw that the seller also had the Peel Sessions double LP (affectionately known as "the Lost Can Album") I just couldn't pass it up!

Now it would be a crime to speak of essential krautrock without mentioning the band best-associated with the genre - Kraftwerk. 

To keep with the colored vinyl theme, I recently tracked down Italian translucent vinyl bootlegs of their first two albums.  Simply named, Kraftwerk I and Kraftwerk II, these were recorded before the band fully dedicated themselves to their self-constructed electronic instruments.  The first two records were far more fluid and experimental - like early Tangerine Dream albums (before they picked up a sequencer.)

The next krautrock LPs I'm after are Popol Vuh's Affenstunde and Ash Ra Tempel's self-titled debut album.

If anyone comes across a copy, let me know!

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Wow, those are some awesome records!

I do have to admit my ignorance regarding krautrock, but I'll check these guys out next chance I get.

Great post!

Is Rammstein considered Krautrock? I LOVE those guys!


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