I've been internet-crate-digging for elusive long-time favorite LPs, and now my birthday vinyl has landed at The Innerspace Connection!

This new post contains 4 hours and 45 minutes of classic ambient house, post-rock and drone music for you to wind down with this evening.


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Luvs me some drone!

Nice mix, helps when chained to a desk,

At first it looked like that pic was from this Aparrat acoustical ambient session.

My all-time favorite Drone Top 10:

Gas (Wolfgang Voigt) - Nah Und Fern (4 CD set of Gas, Zauberberg, Königsforst and Pop)

Black Swan - The Quiet Divide & In 8 Movements

Alvin Lucier - Music on a Long Thin Wire

William Basinski - Disintegration Loops Boxset

La Monte Young - Dream House

Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972

Brian Eno - January 07003 Bell Studies For the Clock of the Long Now

Robert Rich - Somnium (the greatest 7 hour sleep concert you will ever hear)

Sound And Silence: 'Remembering Sept. 11th At The Temple Of Dendur (feat. The Wordless Music Orchestra's premiere live performance of Basinski's Disintegration Loops.)

Download it from NPR here.

I would love to see your own drone top 10 lists.  Please feel free to share!

I've published the above albums into an actual blog post to consolidate viewing/listening to a single page.  Thanks!

The Innerspace Connection's Top 10 Drone Albums and Box Sets


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