1. 15in Mac Book Pro with XP, Ubuntu
2. Sony PSP
3. N-DS
4. iPod Nano
5. Aiptek Mini 720 HD recorder
6. Sony T-700 Point and Shoot Digi Cam
7. Sony MDR-V600 Head Phones
8. Moto Q phone
9. Aliph Jawbone
10. Moleskin Notebook
11. Uni-Ball Vision Elite pen
12. Paper Mate 0.7 mechanical pencil.
13. Mini Mag light
14. Mini Logitech blue-tooth mouse
15. Gerber Multi tool knife of doom
16. Apple remote
17. Clear Eyes for red eyes
18. Apple Plug
19. Iogear 8 in 1 Card Reader
20. Biz Card Holder
21. Wallet
22. DVI Converter
23. Small Digital Cam Card
24. Eddie Bauer Back Pack (holds all the gear for extended trips)
25. Novara Over the Shoulder Gear Pack (holds all the gear for shorter stays)
26. Paper Clip
27. Head Phone Splitter
28. Key chain with:
* Mini Tape Measure
* 2 in one laser pointer and LED flash light
* Stand alone LED flash light
* Bike Key
29. Altoids Smalls - Peppermint
30. Mysolidus Solar Charger - Good for direct light Cell Phone Charging

I am also going to be picking up a DieHard 140-Watt Power Inverter with Built-in USB Port in the near future :]

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so if i ever want to steal your bike i just gotta find ur bag eh? =)

dont tell me you carry all those things around with you everywhere o.o;;
That is the most incredibly overwhelming man-bag I've ever seen.
No, I only take all that gear if I am going out for a weekend trip or something. I did just pick up the 140 watt inverter and it works great :]
I'm healthily impressed! Now I'm just wondering how orderly it all is once it's in your sacks
Yes I make sure everything can be located and found in 3 seconds or less :]
Morgan is one EMP away from total destruction.

haha classic!
Right, time to actually get around to carrying a man-bag.
I call it a "murse" (man-purse).
LOL, nice! next time im in dallus im "borrowing" your bag!


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