These commercials are propaganda indeed. The people shopping are clearly actors, they lie about the specs and prices whenever they can (One claimed that a line of Macbook Pros came standard with 2 GB of RAM, when they come with 4 GB and a check of demonstrates that). I personally have had enough of Microsoft's propaganda campaigns, so I created a rant video on one of these ads. What do you think of these ads?

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A bunch of crap, of course they're going to make some random actors say they get the best deal, plus people dont understand complexity of the relationship between specs and system, 2 GB ram (if that was the case) could be sufficient enough to host the Darwin OSX system, its based on linux, its light, and the hardware are built in together so the system performance increases even more! so for that im sure darwin can run faster than windows on a 500 MB RAM 1.5 GHZ than a vista computer with 3 GB RAM and a 2.1 GHZ duo computer...

People are programmed with ever aspect of consumerism to look at the "more". (more ram? better, more hard disk? better, more GHZ? better.) as well as "Bigger is better" with cars, "more food for less price", thats just how they think


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