Ok, there are some things at work I'm expected to 'fix' and I haven't any idea HOW.
Can someone tell me where to start on"
-Making it so the internet doesn't freeze/reconnect/kick us off when a fax comes through.
-Make it so all unread emails aren't the exact same color and thus hard to differentiate between in google

I'm crossing off my list, but these two are stubborn though silly issue.

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On the first one, what are you using for your internet connection? If it is DSL, you may want to make sure that the fax machine has a line filter in place, otherwise the incoming fax can do just what you are describing.

I don't know how to color read messages in GMail, but you could set up different labels and apply those to various types of emails for easy sorting.
Ok.. yes it is DSL and yes there is a filter.
If it's the software problem, then he needs a new freaking fax machine anyway! That thing is ancient.

I already have his Gmail filtered to high hell, it's just that he wants TWO different colors for 'new mail' which I didn't think was physically possible, but at least I'm trying.


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