Well I am about to start the process of converting to a clean install of WIndows 7.

I will report back here and let you guys know how it went.

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Well so far my initial impressions of it are good so far. I will keep playing around :]
Everything seems to be okay but one thing I found interesting is that my animation program that lets me make the We Think Atheist production will not run. But the interesting thing is that Windows 7 will let you run any program with any previous version of Windows. Down to the service pack. Which is great!... but... it still would not run the program in the compatibility mode. Perhaps since W7 is not officially out yet? Or could it be that I am running 64bit Ultimate. Time will tell I suppose.

In any case, I ended up installing the program on my Render Machine from Spider Skull Island (Mac Book Pro). So production will not slow down :] In fact haha my MBP can render the video's in minutes rather then hours on my desktop.

All and all I would say you should upgrade from XP to 7. It is smoother/faster/more responsive also just a bit more clean how the interface works.

If you have any questions about W7 please ask them here :]
I've had great success with Win7 as well. I did learn that for some programs that Windows wanted to block me from running, I could get around by simply renaming the .exe. I was trying to run an older version of Virtual PC because the newer one requires "hardware assisted virtualization" but my laptop doesn't have that. When I renamed the virtualpc.exe to virtualpc1.exe and double clicked it, it loaded just fine! :-)
This is a small update since using Win7 for over a week now.

Programs will still hang up after using them for extended periods of time, while the mac has had firefox/all other programs I use open for over 5 days now. I have an exact replica of all the extensions as I have on Win7 for FF.

Also I have had 8 blues creens now haha. Maybe its hardware ... But I will point out once it blue screens and restarts it will not blue screen again until I restart the machine again. For example I could be running the computer for about 4 hours then blue screen. Then it restarts then after that and it has run over 48 hours with zero blue screens. So who knows at this point.
If anyone could tell me how to get my fingerprint security and touch screen back, I'd be forever helpful.
Running an HP TX2000, if that helps.
Go to http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/pfinder?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=... and click "show all" and select the exact model #. Then click Software Downloads on the next page. Look under the appropriate section for Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) and see if HP has released a driver for your touch screen. If not, try going back and looking under the Windows Vista section. Its possible that the Windows Vista drivers will work with Windows 7. --Mikey
Still working good? Im still waiting for a Service Pack, before i take the dive!


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