Mine is the N800 by Nokia:

The newest is the N810

Ubuntu is going to be able to run on this with the new 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope with support for the ARM processors! ^_^
so far there has been a port that is able to run a debian linux on the little thing, aloooot of functionality for such a teeny device.

Touch Screen
Runs a Nokia Linux called Maemo
Nifty on-board apps + a whole community of aspiring development

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All it needs is a wrist strap!

"Whatever it is, this thing on my arm says that it's edible!"
Me iphone is my fave for sure.
I hate my iphone.
I really, really hate it now that there are so many iphone-like phones out that allow picture msgs, have better cameras, allow you to flip through applications instead of closing them.......the list goes on and on..
My old gateway laptop with DreamLinux is defying all logic, that's good enough for me currently.

Specs, 256 MB DDR1 RAM, 1.2 GHZ P4 CPU, 32 MB ATI card. Running DreamLinux XFCE edition, and Compiz Fusion flawlessly.
My next gadget on the list will definately be the G1, getting that soon enough, maybe going to open up the SDK and start playing with some programming =)

Koss KEB/4 Earbud Earphones

These little $4 beauties save me from having to deal with the roommate's drama on a nightly basis.


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