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Gidday Sydni, not trying to be neg and all, but I noticed the dude fifth from the top had a chin "Ta Moko" this is normally used by maori women, well alway's used by maori women, Ive seen this common mistake before by men being inked by artist that obviously no nothing of it's meaning, not only that, each "Ta Moko" is totally unique to each individual, as it hold's information as to who you are (whanue/family) and where you come from (Iwi or Hapu/tribe or sub tribe) so in all affect he's wearing someone else identity, someone else face, not really a great choice of tribal art in my opinion, once again not being nego or anything, just thought it was of interest.

Oh' yeah, some pretty awesome character's above, good to see a little biodiversity is still with us.

Live long.....
Just a quick post,the last woman looks like she would be good looking if she didn't have big holes in her ears and those stupid fucking things put in her scalp!what's wrong with these people,they can't think that they look attractive,do they?

there's nothing wrong with them.  generally it's a sociological thing where people feel inferior, feel that they must be unique, that they must exact the idea of grotesqueness from the Victorian era (whether they realize it or not)  


quite honestly, i could ask you why you thought the mullet was a good choice.. ease up on how people wish to present themselves.  chances are, they have more honor and dignity than almost anyone else from day to day.  it's through this form of 'self mutilation' as you quaintly put it below that they, myself included, express themselves.  not through materialism, but through body art.  and yes, it is art because are is subjective whether you see it as such or not.  for all you know, someone who looks like this is quite possibly a great philanthropist, scholar, philosopher, or a scientific genius that will change the world far beyond anything you or myself could ever hope achieve.  


in addition, the level of prejudice you managed to convey in your original post rivals that of many religious closed-minded people i have encountered thus far in life.  i'm sorry you can not look past certain peoples appearances.  perhaps you should self examine at a later date.

I must make an amendment to my post, by Victorian, I mean the romantic/gothic period of writing, and specifically, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein.
Thank you Bennett! Long live individuality! (even if it's not for me)
And the black&white photo of the woman with her back showing,what's that all about,is this s&m? Self mutilation?what a waste.
It actually is not s&m but called scarification.  It has been around for hundreds of years and can be quite beautiful.  It originates in Africa and is considered a rite of passage into woman hood.  It symbolizes the strength of the woman and how pain is another factor in life and from pain comes life, such as birth.  It is her identity and each woman's scarification is unique to her.

I really like the plugs in the last picture.


For further info, the female with the many 'bumps' on her back seems to have sat through a play piercing session. That is non-permanent and usually non-scarring piercing done for photography, short term decoration, or occasionally for masochistic reasons. Play piercing is also showcased in the photograph of a male with many piercing rings down his arms and leg, and the photograph of the male with a corset-like design on his throat. 

That first girl is pretty hot, I would give her a job. I would let her work under me. ;)


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