I was just wondering if any members had,I've got 13 tattoos but you wouldn't know unless you knew me,I've lately come across really nice scientific tatts so that got me thinking about atheist ones as that's going to be my next one,just haven't had a good think of what to have yet.all my tatts are black & grey shaded ones as I've never wanted coloured ones,but I might go and get the red "A" out campaign one and that would be the only coloured one i'd go for,glad I found this group = )

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I only have two as of now, none of which are atheist themed, but I want more including some atheist themed ones I'm tossing around including: the circle-A, simply the word "GODLESS" somewhere... but the big piece isn't so much atheist themed as it is anti-religion themed. It's a pretty big, and intricate piece therefore will be pretty expensive, which is why I haven't gotten it yet. Also, it would cover a significant part of my body, so I want to make sure I get the details down before having it inked.

The tattoo would have two parts. The first would be a half sleeve of the angel Lucifer grappling with the angel Uriel (who was tasked with guarding the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were cast out) over a fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Then the top of the sleeve would connect to a piece on my shoulder blade, the second part: Adam and Eve, represented as two chimpanzees sitting cross legged under the Tree of Knowledge, sharing a piece of fruit, oblivious to the war raging nearby.
Sounds cool,but as an atheist if I had something like that my friends I'm sure would try to rib me about if you don't believe in the bible why would you have a sort of bible story on your arm,you know what I mean Matt.I can picture it though and it would look good,where do you stand on colours in tattoos?when you say your having a sleeve,would it just be black and shades of gray or would you have colours?after my post I saw some of the members photos that were pretty cool,the evolution one from the back around the side to the front was a good one,one like that over here in the u.k would cost about £250 I reckon,how much do they cost in the u.s?get the picture up when you get yours done,going to try to upload my tatts too.going to add you as a friend o.k mate.

I actually got this today. Its an inverted cross with a goat hanging off. I just told the guy I wanted an inverted cross and let him put his spin on it. I'm pretty happy with it.


Well, it appears that this group has faded away (like really old tattoos ;) ), but since I recently got new ink, "atheist-style", I'd show it off here:

This design was originally created by our very own Marc Poulin, a member of TA for many moons. If anyone else happens to get this specific design, how about giving him a shout on TA? I know it'll make his day.


--Geektheist (Rocky)

I am in the process of getting a tattoo of "Plato's Cave" done on my back. About 3 hours work left which should be done next Saturday. (12 in total). I will post it then.


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