Tattoos have become common place these days and have changed a great deal since I got my first tattoo in 1970. It cost me $15. at a Trailways Bus stop in Kentucky where there was also a funky tattoo parlor.... No artists were working there, you just chose your tattoo design from a poster on the wall and they stenciled it on and colored it in. There were few 'feminine' tattoo choices available, women in those days were not part of their customer base.

Here is my before and final tattoo transformation that was completed 12/2009.

Looking forward to seeing your choice for Tattoos, please show them off in this discussion!

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Joanna, your tattoo is so beautiful! Hope you wear your hair up often....
:D I like to show it off when I can!! I'm very proud of it!
You must like birds, and so do I. My daughter's friend had this interesting tattoo done about two months ago. Thought you might appreciate seeing it...

Wow! I've never seen anything like that, that's really creative! I really want another tattoo that has something to do with atheism, something short and sweet...something like "free thinker" written in cursive somewhere, or just simply "atheist" in cursive somewhere. Atheism is a part of me and I want it on me forever!
That's awesome!
Here's Occam's Razor.

Nice one jase,I've got "NON OMNIA MORIAR"written down the back of my forearm from the elbow to the wrist,it means "not all of me will die" and I had it done after the birth of my son.


I got this tattoo after I lost my faith and began identifying as an atheist. It's the final line from Sarah Williams's "The Old Astronomer to His Pupil". 


I think I'd like to eventually get some pansies tattooed somewhere on me, as they represent the concept of freethought.

Very nice tattoo.  I really like the typeface that you used.  Was the type done freehand or carbon-copied over?
This is my little guy! His name is Jnkx (pronounced jingks). Got him Day of my birthday when I turned 16 in Burlington, Vermont at Body Art Tattoo where my mom use to work. I know the stigma of "kids" getting tattoos too young and regretting them but I can't be happier with it. Its been 3 years since I've got it and I still love it and always will. I have more tattoos but this one is my favorite!


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