I have read that the live cultures in yogurt help inhibit the growth of bad bacteria that can cause digestive upset such as loose stools and excessive gas in dogs.  Yogurt is easy to digest and soothing on the stomach.  Adding a small amount (not more than a tablespoon daily), to their food is supposed to be okay.  I have started giving my dog 1 teaspoon in the morning and evening with the meals.  I don't even mix it in.  I just put in on top of the food.  My two little ones are picky eaters.  With the little yogurt on top of their food, they usually eat everything.  I was wondering if anyone else uses yogurt on their dog's food and if it has been helpful?

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I used to feed my dogs a yogurt regularly, mixed in with their dried food, and they love it. I was just adding it because they like it, not for any health benefit. I stopped when Liam had to go on a diet after an operation on his leg, which caused him to gain weight due to restricted exercise, but they still get it occasionally as a treat (they are much older now, and I have to watch their weight). Can't say I've noticed any good or bad effects. I usually give them about two tablespoons each.

Something I do recommend is every couple of months, especially at moulting times, I add a desertspoon of olive oil to their food, which really helps maintain the condition of their coat and the effect is visible in a couple of days.
Yeah, collies are notorious for suffering "bacterial overload" in the gut, which causes the food to ferment as it passes through the gut, releasing the gas.
Ha ha ha yes. I used to work at a doggie daycare and there was this one poor collie who would stand next the the wall and fart all day, loudly - peeeeuuuuu. Not every day but once in a while. I told the owners and they said they could not figure out why he did that. Now I know.


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