I watched the last segment of a short film called Last Minutes with Oden. It's about two things, what our dogs do for us and bring to our lives, and about the pain of having to say goodbye. Oden has cancer and it's time to go. It's sad, it may make you cry. The larger message is great though. Our animals, could be a turtle teaching you to simply show up for food and clean aquarium, teach us much and bring much to our lives. My dog brings me health (running and hiking) and makes me get outside when I sometimes might make the excuse that it's raining. Sometimes the dog park gets me socializing with people whom I likely have little outside of dogs in common with. I feel like a part of the larger community that way.

So what does your dog, or pet, bring to your life that you may have missed out on otherwise? 

(I'll embed the video on the first comment)

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That emotional rush hits me when I realize that one day I'll have to scratch Thembi's ear as he slips away. Gotta focus on all of the great times I'm sure you gave him throwing a ball into the water. The 2fer smile, Swim and Fetch!
When My last dog..who was also my first dog died...it certainly wasn't peaceful. she died from congestive heart failure and was vomiting blood. very sad memory.
I did get a second dog. My mom surprised me after work one day by picking me up with a dog in the car.

Rufus is his name lol.

lol, My old dog was the southern belle type. She was a miniature palmarainian.

Rufus is half Palm, and half Scottish terrier. Interesting combination.

and of course there's his feline friend next to him.
sigh. I came home from school one day and Snoopy was gone. I never got to say goodbye, though I knew he had days left.

I think I'll go hug Torpedo now. He's given us so much that we have missed. Companionship, exercise, socializing, new places and new faces. I want to enjoy every day we have with him.

Plain and simple; companionship. I enjoy their trust and affection.
Blackie's happy smile he shows me when I come to his house to walk him makes my day. His smile makes me feel beauty and joy in my heart :)
There you have it! :-)
I think I read in one of Hitchen’s book – something to the effect of….
Give a dog food and shelter it will think you’re a god.
Give a cat food and shelter it will think it’s a god.
I have more in common with my dog than I do with people. We like to swim and hike and kayak. She loves me unconditionally. And I think she is an atheist :)


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