Please post about your dogs on this discussion. Definitely post pics... but also post stories, breeds, what your dog's name is, and any of the wacky things they do! lol

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My Brownie is such a very good boy. He's a big adorable chocolate lab. Yesterday I was walking him and some cretin shot some fireworks at us. Brownie is scared of lightening and loud noises so as I stood like a deer in headlights watching the fireball heading straight for me, I let go of the leash and let Brownie head for the hills. The firework fell short and I was so angry at the neighbor I shouted at him and he did not reply.

It was dark so I could not see who it was. I know I should have called the police. This jerk has pulled this stunt several times before but never has he shot one of directly at me from 30 yards away. And the funny thing is I never get a good look at him and I guess that's just the way he plans it. There are numerous people who live in the house so I don't know who is doing it.

I was frantic with worry that Brownie would take off and God knows when he would come back. One time he escaped and was gone for an entire week! I don't own him, I just walk him so I am also worried about the owner's freaking out too. I was so relieved when I got to his house to find that good boy sitting at the gate. Whew! What a huge relief that was and what a very very good boy he was.

I did to go the neighbor's house with Brownie's owner to talk to them about what happened. Some lady came to the door and denied that it was on purpose. I know better.

Ah, the adventures of walking the pups (Brownie has a brother that I walk also). Something always interesting happening.
I talk about the smile my dog gets when I run with him. Yesterday I caught it on camera while he was running with a Min-Schnauzer.

Love that pic. Now THAT is one happy dog. lol
This is my dog Tron, he's my first! He's just over 1 now but this is the cutest pic of him I have when he was just a little pupy :)

AWWWW!!! <3
Cute! He eviscerated Spongebob!
And he was so proud of himself hehe.
As a doggy, he should be. It means he is learning skills that, in the wild, would keep him alive. In the living room, however.... ;-)

I love them! Boxers are the best :)

I got my mutt from my local shelter. I was going through a really tough break-up, and finally had my own place. I'd been wanting a dog since I came to school, and so I went and got one! The first time I went, I thought I wanted a smaller dog, since I'd be living in apartments for awhile. But then this face looked up at me amidst the barking and whining of all the other dogs:

How could I say no to that? He was the only one not jumping or crying for attention. He just sat in his little kennel, and looked at me with those brown eyes. I knew he was the one. So I adopted him! He was much smaller, skinnier, and dirtier than in this picture, but after monthly baths and several months of good food, he turned into this handsome fellow!


Poor guy had spent his whole life in the pound. He was abandoned with his sister at 5 weeks old, and they both lived in the shelter till they got adopted out. She was the first one to go, and then I got him. He had spent 162 days in his little kennel. :(


Needless to say, he has some separation anxiety issues, but I'm working with him every day, and he has made progress. I can leave now without fear of coming home to a destroyed couch!


Here's some more pics of my boy:

(that striped blob is my leg)


His name is Neils, btw. Pronounced Nells. It's a Danish name. :)


The shelter told me he's a husky mix. I've been doing a lot of looking around, and at first I thought he was husky/german shepherd. But he's too tiny. Then I thought husky/border collie. Nope, not the right body type. My dad calls him Anubis because he looks like a jackal. Wish I would have thought of that when I named him! Now I think he's a husky/greyhound. What do y'all think?


I've been wanting to do a DNA test! It's just too much for this poor college student. :(


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