Please post about your dogs on this discussion. Definitely post pics... but also post stories, breeds, what your dog's name is, and any of the wacky things they do! lol

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Wow, Buddy sounds amazing! I wish my fuzzy kids knew a few more words. Let's see, Miss Maggie knows seepy-seeps, drinky-drinks, treat/cookie/biscuit, potty, walk, ride, skoo (and it's alternative sopping, for shopping - to her it means the same as skoo). I think she also kinda knows UPstairs and DOWNstairs (She probably just knows the up and down part, really.) If I ask "Where's (fill-in-the-blank-name)?" followed by "Can you LOOK out the WINDOW?", she goes to the front window in the living room and looks for cars coming down the street. I think she knows her own name, but she's REALLY clueless about the names of anyone else in her life! Oh yeah, she does know sit and down, though she only complies briefly!

In addition to the above, Fernie knows baby (she has a whole basketful of squeaky babies that she bites and carries around and washes and loves), breakfast, wun-sees (for lunch), and din-dins. She's a VERY food-motivated dog!

Oh yeah, they also both know all gone (with hands held palms facing the girls). That's a VERY sad one! When there are no more table scraps to be had, sometimes I have to resort to all gone. They just immediately hang their heads and trudge slowly away, usually looking pathetically over their shoulders once or twice to see if it could REALLY be true that there's no more food coming!

I guess for my girls, English isn't even a second language. More like a 4th or 5th!

This is my dog, Lulu, and one of my cats, Jynx, taking good care of me last night. I broke my toe yesterday morning and when I went to bed they seemed to have a silent argument for the best spot. Jynx won and Lulu chose her spot after leaving temporarily.
Dogs just make the best nurses, don't they? (And cats are a very close second!)
Oh yes, except she kept trying to use my blanket as a bed for herself after I had it all bunched up to prop my foot on. Once she stopped trying to steal my foot rest she made a very good little nurse. She even tried to lick it better... Unfortunately, as sweet as it was I wouldn't let her do that because it's broken, and hurts. She has been a very good little nurse though, lots of cuddling and adorableness to take my mind of being injured.
I just finished reading Peter Pan (for the first time!) and LOVED the dog Nana as the nursemaid to the children. What a fantastic and hilarious idea to make the dog the responsible party!

This is Rocky, he's a Japanese Chin (mostly). He is a tireless hiker and loves the beach, but can be a lazy lapdog sleeping the day away curled up on the couch. One of his greatest features is that he almost never barks.

Maggie used to be a believer...but then she grew up and gave up her imaginary friends.

**Maggie May is a chow-shepherd mix who has a THICK double coat and gets way too overheated in the summer. Every summer she gets haircuts - shaved belly and just a trim elsewhere. Lest you think I'm exploiting this poor, chubby dog, know that she LOVES it when her belly is shaved! She spends a lot of time lying with her bare belly on the cool kitchen tiles and very much appreciates her grooming. And the "fancy cuts" are always the first bit of the haircut - just for my amusement and for a photo op. Then the rest of the fur comes off!
Wow! Hilarious video! I'm going to show it to chubby Miss Maggie and hope that she's motivated to exercise with me!! Actually, Maggie's problem really is motivation. She's got that Chow stubbornness in her and it's really hard to persuade her to do anything other than what she wants, when she wants. I think I will try the click training, though. I'll let you know how it works out!

Today I let Fern out into the back yard while I was cutting some herbs for dinner. She walked straight over towards the ONLY pile of poop in the yard. With a look of concentration on her face, she started licking her crazy black lips.

“Fern! Do NOT eat that poop!” I instructed her sternly.

Fern froze in her tracks with her head lowered just slightly and her tail down. She was about 10 inches from her perceived treat at this point. She stood there like a statue, perfectly still, not even moving her eyes – just staring at me. I stood by the herbs, about three feet from her, staring right back. After about 30-40 seconds of this, Fern broke eye contact with me and slowly started moving towards the poop again! I think she really thought I couldn’t see her because she wasn’t moving!!

(Not to worry, disaster was averted by another stern warning to her…followed by a swift yard clean-up! I know, I know! I need to get a damn clicker and train her!!)

Another Fern "sneaky" story from a few years ago just came to mind. Fern is usually a sweet, innocent, lovable mutt. She seldom dares to try and help herself to food and is a pretty polite table-scrap begger. The extra dog treats and extra boxes of biscuits are kept on the workbench in the basement. No dog of mine has EVER tried to counter-surf there and get the treats, as they're all in boxes and all pushed pretty far back from the edge.

Well, Fern LOVES Greenies (those green chewy toothbrush-looking thingies that are supposed to clean their teeth). I had gotten a package of them, handed out most of them to the girls, and then bagged up the remaining two Greenies in a ziploc sandwich bag. I forgot about them for a few months and they remained on the workbench with the other treats.

Fern must've suddenly remembered them, or spied them from below, or something. I was loading the dishwasher one night after dinner when I saw Fern walking up the basement stairs. That's not unusual at all as she loves the basement (it's where she keeps all her squeaky toys). She was, however, walking very slowly and was holding her head down a bit and very still, not looking at me at all. That is VERY unusual for bouncy, enthusiastic Fern. I knew something must be up.

"Whatcha doin', monkey?" I asked as she passed by.

Fern stopped dead just inside the living room, facing away from me. I think she was trying the old "if I stand really still I'll become invisible" routine. By this point I knew she was up to something. I followed her and found, dangling from her mouth, the ziploc containing two Greenies! I couldn't help bursting out laughing at her daring feat and at the way she continued her invisible statue routine even though I was now directly in front of her, laughing and pointing! She just flicked her greying eyebrows this way and that as she looked around, trying to work out how to salvage this situation.

Of course, being the softie that I am, I took the baggie from her, called Chubby Miss Maggie, and gave them each a Greenie to chew. So Fern won, even though I don't think she realized it at first. She just seemed bewildered!

And 30 minutes later I found her by the workbench AGAIN, standing with her front paws up and nosing around! The Greenies were gone, though, and everything else was out of reach. Laughing, I told her she could look, but her thieving days were over. Even though I never yelled at her or even spoke sternly to her, I have NEVER again found her with her paws up on a counter looking for food! I think her failure at being sneaky was quite a blow to her self-esteem!! What a weird little dog!!
Blackie (big black lab) is so funny. When I walk him if we go by a house with a cat laying in the driveway or whatever - he stops and looks longingly for a few moments and then he turns and we go on our way. I just know what he is thinking "if only"....
Okay, here is my Blackie and Brownie story for today.

They are big lab brothers. I don't own them but every day I take them for a walk (they belong to my neighbor). Of course they look very forward to my visit each day. And they should because number one - I always give them each a bone; number two - I give them treats, and number three - I take them for a walk. So yes, when I appear in afternoon I get worshipped like a rock star with huge smiles, waggy tails wagging their whole bodies, excited strange doggie vocal noises (sounds like harooooo lol) and jumping and dancing all over the place. I'm sure they would ask for my autograph if they could.

There are a lot of trees in their large backyard so sometimes I hide behind a tree and call the owner on my cell phone to tell them to let them out and see if they can find me.

I did that today and the owner let them out and they ran straight to the gate looking for me (they always do that) and then she said they put their noses up in the air and sniffed and were like "Wait a minute! She's already here!" And then they put their noses to the ground and made a bee-line right for me LOL. I wish I could have seen this but I didn't want to peak and have them see me.

I told the owner I guess I should shower more often LOL. But I'm kidding, I know dogs are like lean mean smelling machines.

Dogs SO rule!

The are so awsome!


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