Please post about your dogs on this discussion. Definitely post pics... but also post stories, breeds, what your dog's name is, and any of the wacky things they do! lol

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Dis Paint. Iz ma bebe. Iz gud bebe.

Paint luvs runz.

Paint iz pur bredz Bitsa. Bitsa dis and Bitsa dat. Iz gud. rly.
Quite possibly! =) Thank you!
Usually her head and tail lower to a straight horizontal line from nose to tail tip. She doesn't herd. Hmmm That is a instinctive behavior in herding breeds. I really am not sure now?
Meet Lulu. She is half Papillon half Shih-tzu and very, very sweet. She loves everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! She played with the 2 cats she lives with, and loves to play with all dogs. Right now her best friend is a Jack Russel that lives upstairs.

This is Lulu on her first birthday a couple months ago. I got her some special gourmet treats and she REALLY, REALLY wanted one...

And now she's all tuckered out from an exciting day of going to the pet store and visiting with friends.

This is today's cute but not so good picture. She found a marker (I don't know how because all my markers are out of her reach in boxes and such) and proceeded to destroy it and make a big mess. Her neck is blue-green, both her paws, our couch, and our bed. Oh, and my hands.
Agreed! Great song choice!
Thanks, Jean Marie. Maggie does have very expressive eyebrows! I find the key to getting a few good snaps of dogs is just to take MANY, MANY photos. For every 10 terrible photos I take there's usually one unexpected gem. It also helps to have dogs who don't mind getting dressed up in crazy wigs and costumes. Maggie, the chow-shepherd mix, actually holds her poses when the camera comes out! Fern, the black lab mix, isn't so patient. She's my little wiggle-worm!
Thanks! I hope my doggleberries are ready for fame! Hey, if I go viral...would that be a valid excuse for a few days off work?
Hey Jean Marie, did you see this one? Though it seems like I'm teasing them a bit, I often sort of prolong the anticipation phase of the park excursion. It's the only time the two of them play like this! They get along fine and NEVER fight, but they very seldom are playful and excited like this. I love Fern's crazy, hyper little leaps in the air and Maggie's weird talking she does! And yes, right after I stopped the vid we bundled into the car and headed out for a good romp in the park!

Glad you liked their craziness! Yeah, Maggie definitely knows that the coat (and the leashes) are an important part of the getting-out-of-the-house process and gets impatient. The girls also attach a larger-than-life signifigance to my brushing my teeth and putting on socks. These things frequently happen after a meal and before a walk, so they're on hyper alert when they see them happen!

If I'm putting my socks on but can't take them out, I have to put a very sad and disappointed voice on and tell them "Sorry girls, but I have to go to SKOO!" Years ago when I was in nursing school I used to tell Maggie I had to go to SKOO, and now she understands that any outside excursion to which she isn't invited is a sad SKOO experience! I'll tell her I have to go to SKOO and she should go upstairs and go SEEPY-SEEPS (dog-speak for sleeping). Usually she hangs her head low in a display of disappointment and then rushes upstairs to go to her room (a beloved closet with her bed and blanket in it) to take a nap!

Ha! I love the Buddy story about his nose at the door. Don't you love the concentration and the total belief that if they just want it and point their nose at it, they WILL get it?!?


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