Please post about your dogs on this discussion. Definitely post pics... but also post stories, breeds, what your dog's name is, and any of the wacky things they do! lol

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Thanks for starting this thread...very fun! Our dog used to have those crazy "bursts" when she was a puppy. We called them "BSIs" (bat-s*@t insane) episodes! She grew out of them, which is good because she's now 85 lbs :)
My black lab mix Fern has similar explosions. She prances about, eyes rolling and tongue lolling, whenever I return home. Then she quickly runs down to the basement to grab one of her "babies" (little stuffed squeaky animals) and races back to me. Like Harpo Marx, she feels the need to express her excitement audibly. Not through barks, however - through frantic and repeated squeakings of her baby! Meanwhile, Maggie May (a chubby chow-shepherd mix) expresses her joy at my homecoming by settling her ample bottom right in my lap. She doesn't understand that she's a bit too big to be a lap dog!
OMG!! 85 lbs! What type of dog is she?
She's part Great Pyrenees and part "some kind of Shepherd!" Thankfully she's really well-behaved most of the time since she's so big!
My "Old Guy"


Tucker is our 11 year old male "apricot" "toy" poodle. [I use the word "toy" lightly because he's technically in between toy and miniature]. We got him and his littermate "Robin" in 1999. Robin and Tucker were inseparable until Robin died of cancer in 2005. Tucker never seemed to fully regain his spirit from the loss of his brother and twin.... but he's still loving and adorable.
Yeah... Tucker's the calm one. He's really sweet and very obedient. But he's afraid of his own shadow and Rosie picks on him. She pulls on his ears and bites his tail and steals his rawhide. He has to put her into place from time to time, so sometimes we'll suddenly hear him snarling at her.
Funny Video Featuring Tucker... our little "American Idol" singing with my brother's french horn.
The combination of intelligence and willingness to please is awesome in Border Collies
I love that Buddy is a good judge of character--and good beverages. He obviously has a great "mom" and seems to be able to identify the "bad" guys (i.e., Bush and Cheney)!
He is such a gorgeous boy, and what a wonderful story. It's a testament to the great dogs that are out there available for adoption. They may have issues and challenges, but with patience and love, the rewards to us (and them) are immeasurable.

My husband had a border collie for years before I met him. If anyone remembers the old Reynolds Wrap commercial with the "mother" border collie packing lunches for her pups to send them off to school...he was the brand manager on Reynolds Wrap at the time and that commercial was his "baby." He fell in love with one of the pups when they were shooting the commercial and, lucky for him, got to take him home! Jake was a great dog too.
That's a really nice story. ^_^ your dog is really pretty too.
He's just gorgeous!


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