Please post about your dogs on this discussion. Definitely post pics... but also post stories, breeds, what your dog's name is, and any of the wacky things they do! lol

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The first year introduction to water didn't go well.
Just the Ridgeback. Being South African water is not their forte. I've managed to get him to accept the water and go in on command.
Great picture! He (or she?) does look a bit panicked by the water :)
Panicked... hmmm... awww....
I thought he/she was on a "rampage" [going on a joy run around and ignoring her owner calling "Rosie come back!"] lol

Aka... "Rose-bird," "Rose," and "Rosie the Bear."
Female Miniature Poodle.
She's black, 2 years old, and has so much energy that she either tires me out or makes my head spin around. >.br /> Funny things about her:
Where do I even start? lol
1. WATCH YOUR SHOES!! She likes destroying them! lol
2. Her favorite game is "chase the flashlight beam." - she literally chases the light from the flashlight on the floor. - I'll have to post a vid of her doing this sometime.
3. Sometimes she gets so wound up that she runs around the house crazily on one of her "bursts" tearing up anything in site from shoes to paper to socks to dirty underwear [ewwww...]
Check out this cuteness!

BTW... I posted more about Rosie because she's "my dog." - Technically she belongs to my mother, but she bonded to me. [she's my best friend with four legs.] - Tucker is my mother's dog... completely. Most of the time he ignores everyone else but her.
I learned to love Poodles. I like how Black Standards when newly cut look like little gorilla's running in the fields.
When you wash a miniature or toy poodle they look like a little wet rat.... lol.
Yeah... I love poodles.
They're DEFINITELY NOT the "girly dogs" they're made out to be by hollywood! In fact, if you suggested that Rosie was lady-like I would laugh in your face. I do call her "Princess" sometimes though... not because she's ladylike... but because she's demanding [like she'll paw at your arm if you stop petting her before she wants you to. - "I did not give you permission to stop petting me!"] and also because she thinks she owns everything in the house. lol.
But seriously! How lady-like is it to get into the bathroom garbage can and chew up toilet paper, used tissues, and sanitary pads. [Usually I have to clean up after this.... ewwww]?

Anyhow, if any of you wish you had a dog but can't because you're allergic to pet dander, try getting a poodle! Seriously! They NEVER SHED! Which makes them THE hypoallergenic dog! They're also VERY good with children [usually - my grandmother owned a psycho one - shiver - bad memories]! They love people and [according to a recent study] are one of the top three most intelligent dog breeds. So they are easy to train. However, the downside to this is being so smart... they can sometimes find ways to outright DEFY you. Take Rosie, sometimes when I tell her to "drop" something she's not supposed to have [my term paper] she'll give me this devious look like "make me!" lol
I taught Lulu from the day I had her to drop things on command. Drop it is for playing fetch and if I wasn't paying attention to her long enough for her to actually be able to pick something up. Leave it is for when she is trying to get something she's not allowed to have (and I'm paying attention)

Because I was consistent with her training with that right away there's some things she just doesn't touch or try to touch at all anymore, such as cigarette butts.
Don't be too fooled by her "cuteness." She's a little trouble maker. lol


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