I'm always embarrassed when someone asks me the name of my dog... My family and I had come up with a few dignified dog names, appropriate enough, but they never seemed to stick. I had gotten him as a baby, and my 'Baby' he's remained, even though he is a middle aged dog now. Hence the name... Baby.

This is a relatively recent snapshot of Baby with my daughter Allegra, and Duchess, her cat.

So the question is, What made you choose the name of your dog?

Here is a video of some other dog owners sharing why they chose the name that they did.

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I named my dog after my favorite rapper. His name is Biggie Smalls i just call him Biggie. The name fits him because he was the biggest puppy in the litter.
My Lulu is named after the children's cartoon Little Lulu. I thought she was going to have black hair. I also figured since she was a puppy, and her daddy was a very hyper dog, that she would be very mischievious. She defiantely lives up to her name (except that her hair has more brown than black)


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