I'm always embarrassed when someone asks me the name of my dog... My family and I had come up with a few dignified dog names, appropriate enough, but they never seemed to stick. I had gotten him as a baby, and my 'Baby' he's remained, even though he is a middle aged dog now. Hence the name... Baby.

This is a relatively recent snapshot of Baby with my daughter Allegra, and Duchess, her cat.

So the question is, What made you choose the name of your dog?

Here is a video of some other dog owners sharing why they chose the name that they did.

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Thanks. :)
Thanks for the kind words Shine... But it's clear that I'm seriously inept when it comes to naming my animals. Naming my daughter was such a trial, that I'm glad that I only had one child's name to choose. I'm happy with the final result, but she hated it for a long time and kept asking me to change it. (anyone remember the allergy medication named Allegra?) Now that she is older, she says she has come around to liking it.

ALLEGRA (feminine for Allegro = Lively & Spirited), BENAY (Hebrew for Wise), PARKER (Old English for Park Keeper)

Bizz is a great name and i love the name you use, Shine... Both really cool. Sugar, well honestly not as much, but it has a personal meaning to you, and it would be very appropriate for a fawn colored dog.
I love the name "Allegra;" I had a childhood friend by the name. I really never understood why a pharmaceutical company chose it to label their allergy medicine. I mean, transpose a few letters and substitute a "y" for an "a" and call it a day? To me, "Allegra" is so obviously a feminine name, not a medicine!
Thembi is the name of our Rhodesian. Using the Zimbabwe (country of named origin, not actual) language we looked up a a number of words and their meanings until we ran across Thembi, which means hope.

I had a cat named Slut once. She was preggers when I got her as a stray.
Hahaha! Wet noodle for Gaytor.
Rofl at "Slut" the pregnant cat.
Lol, Frito is a great name! I loved that movie.
My first dog, Snoopy, was named so because well, he was part Beagle. He was a large dog, but had the markings of a beagle, even down to the floppy ears. :)

Now, Torpedo...I don't know how he got his name! The staff @ the SPCA named all 5 puppies with "T" names. It has proven to be an accurate name, because he is quite energetic and loves to run. We tried to come up with another name, but Torpedo stuck. :)
We sometimes call her "Renity" or "Renity-roo"

Jean Marie said:
Reggie, do you shorten Serenity? It is a good name!! love it. both of them!
I've been incommunicado for awhile, sorry! We named our dog, "Brady" for two reasons (she's a girl, by the way), first, she was one of what we thought was a litter of 8 when we adopted her from the Humane Society. My husband Steve and I grew up watching The Brady Bunch, (6 kids, two adults) so we thought that was approprirate. We're also both New England Patriots fans, so we love Tom Brady and, in general, thought the name Brady was good for a dog! Unfortunately, everyone thinks she's a boy!

Our last dog (a Chow mix who was 16 and a half when she "passed on") was named "Dave"...and she was a girl! My husband got her before we met and was a part of a group of co-workers who regularly met for dinner one night of the week. They called themselves the "Davis Dinner Club" because my husband's Italian last name tended to get mangled too often! Anytime he made dinner reservations, he used the name, "Davis." Well, the night he adopted his Chow mix as a puppy, it was after a "Davis Dinner Club" get together and they all agreed that he should name the dog, "Davis." He intended to adopt a male dog, but you know how intentions go...a red female Chow mix puppy galloped over to him and won his heart. She was, of course, named Davis, or "Dave" for short.
Funny story and great names... My name being Sydni, was only a boy's name when I was young. Now it's a popular name for girls and I never notice a boy given that name now. Every year in middle school I was sent to the boy's gym when we got our class schedules at the beginning of the year. I would receive letters addressed to Mr. Sydni.... Still do on occasion. Always loved my given name, particularly the way my mother chose to spell it. My daughter, Allegra, on the other-hand, would tell me to call her a different name nearly everyday when she was little. She's finally accepted and seems to now appreciate the name I gave her, but on occasion will still think of a name she'd rather be called. Good thing dogs raise no fuss in the matter...haha Happy just to be loved and called whatever.
One of my dog's name was NATOPS. My dad named him that because he was a Marine Aviator. NATOPS - Naval Air Training Operating Procedures Standardiztion. I think its a cool name for a dog.


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