I'm always embarrassed when someone asks me the name of my dog... My family and I had come up with a few dignified dog names, appropriate enough, but they never seemed to stick. I had gotten him as a baby, and my 'Baby' he's remained, even though he is a middle aged dog now. Hence the name... Baby.

This is a relatively recent snapshot of Baby with my daughter Allegra, and Duchess, her cat.

So the question is, What made you choose the name of your dog?

Here is a video of some other dog owners sharing why they chose the name that they did.

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I love the name Dante! As an English major, I now always want to name my pets after authors. I have had the name Poe picked out for awhile. Although if we get a cat, I've already decided on Sagan.
To name dogs, there are a few rules you should know:
dog names
Michael, what a great list of dog names to choose from. WOW. Clearly, I'm terrible at choosing names, so this list will come in very handy for my future dogs, of which, I hope will be many. Thanks for posting.
Thanks... She'll shoot me for posting her picture taken in the morning before she is 'presentable.' Since she probably won't check this group, I will hopefully get away with it..lol..

I LIKE the name Dante, but Nero is perfectly fine as well. You've got two beautiful dogs and two beautiful sons. Lucky you.
We named our dogs in honor of a favorite TV show; Firefly.

Cream colored, female Shiba is called Serenity, after the ship on the show. Crimson colored male is called Malcolm, after aforementioned ship's captain and main character. Oddly enough, they both live up to their names, with Serenity calm and kind while Malcolm lives up to the latin roots of his name (Mal = bad) despite having a good heart.
I like Serenity!
I love Serenity! ;-) She has me wrapped around her paw, though. A precursor to what my daughter will do to me?
I think you are right.
My boyfriend and I named our little black pug "Bizz" after his old World of Warcraft character.

Yeah, we're kinda cyber-geeks; we actually met while playing WoW. A bit unconventional, but it does make for an interesting answer to the ubiquitous "So how did you two meet?" question.

I have my heart set on adopting another pug; I'm convinced Bizz needs little sister. Hopefully once we are settled in Austin this summer we can get a little fawn girl and name her Sugar. Why? Because that used to be one of my WoW characters, lol! ("Shine" was actually my main, but since I still use the name I would feel weird calling a dog by the same name as people address me.)

And Sidney, you totally shouldn't be embarrased by the name Baby! My first two cats were named "Brother Kitty" and "Sister Kitty" cause nothing else ever stuck. :) (Well, I think we started calling the girl "Mary," but she still responded to "Sister.")
you gotta name the 2nd one Ness
Very funny.... love that idea.
Lol! That's exactly what my boyfriend said. I could feminize it and call her "Nessie," lol. But then I'm afraid everyone would think that I'm a Twihard and named my dog after Bella and Edward's baby in "Breaking Dawn."

On second thought, the fact that I know that kind of does make me a Twihard. Whatever. I grew up on Anne Rice; if it involves books and vampires, I'm probably going to read it.


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