Since this is an atheist group, I don't really have to start out by saying I don't believe in gods or ghosts, etc. But I was wondering if anyone has what seems like an ESP experience with their dog. I'll tell you one of a few stories...

Happy times when I go on vacation that involves my dog(s). But unfortunately, I do go places without them (try not to).

A friend of mine takes my dog when I go and at the time I had the two Rotties. The younger one was house trained but very puppy active. As it turned out it was to much for my friend (bed time - insisted on sleeping with her young son and scratching her hardwood floors, etc). So she brought them both back to my house and made sure they got breakfast, dinner and walks. I have the fenced in yard and a dog door.

I did feel the pressure even more since they didn't have humans around them for 4 long days. When I was picked up at the airport all I could think about was them. As a matter of fact, the guy that picked us up pointed to a car on the highway and said, "Look, it has a Rottie". I said, "WHERE!!!???" He said, "Right there". I said, "I don't see a dog". He said, "What dog? I said its a maserati. Holy one track mind. We better get you home to your dogs!!!"

Before the trip home, I asked my friend if they were always at the gate when she got there to feed/walk them. She said, "No, I have to call them and they come charging out the dog door."

So anyway, the dogs have never seen this car before I was arriving in from the airport. As we drove in the dogs were not only at the gate, they were wiggling their whole bodies in antisipation of my arrival before the car actually got to the driveway.

Weird, huh???!!!

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I don't know much about doggie perception but I certainly find it interesting how they can find their way home over long distances they are completely unfamiliar with.


I guess one possibility could have been your friend may have told your dogs you were coming home that day and they picked up something good was going to happen in her voice and put two and two together when they heard the car pull in? Who knows lol. I guess there could be plenty of other explanations also.


I know once I had a cat that hated going to the vet. I don't care how non-nonchalant and casual we acted on the day of the appointment, somehow that cat always knew and stayed under the bed until it was time to pull him out to put him in his carrier.


It was the darndest thing. We would be very careful not to make any reference to the appointment or say or do anything that would tip him off he had an appointment that day. It did not matter, He ALWAYS knew. lol.

That's awesome.  I think we give animals that share our lives less credit than they deserve.  You must have acted differently dispite your efforts and the cat knew it. 


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