I know this is a discusting topic.  I can't stop one of my dogs from eating her own poop.  I tried "Forbid" from the Vet, which you sprinkle on the dog's food, and that did not work.  I read that pumpkin or pineapple added to the food helps.  This did not work either.  First thing in the morning before I even have my coffee, I have to go in the backyard to look for poop.  I am vigilant about checking the yard frequently when I am home.  It never fails that the one time I miss to pick it up, she is out there chomping away.  Nasty!!!  I switched her food.  I thought maybe she was lacking a certain nutrient in her diet.  Also, she never touches the other 2 dogs poop.   Any tips on how to stop this would be greatly appreciated.  It is so frustrating. 

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Thanks for all the info. I will check it out.
The "Its Me or the Dog" lady said to feed your dog pineapple.

I had a dog with this problem and she never got over it no matter what we did. But we loved her regardless! :) If the problem persists, I highly recommend teeth brushing though! That's good for every dog, but especially ones with that problem.


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