Abandoned Dog Saves Girl (VIDEO)
posted by: Cris Popenoe
Sept 30, 2010

Abandoned Dog Saves Girl (VIDEO)

Someone rejected Jack, a little Terrier mix, and threw him in a dumpster. Covered in fleas, he was rescued from the dumpster and became the companion of 8-year-old Maya Pieters, who suffers from a rare medical condition that makes communication difficult and sometimes leads to seizures.

The two bonded immediately and Maya seemed to be able to communicate with Jack better than she did with humans. When Maya had her first seizure in her bedroom, Jack ran up to the door and made a racket until Maya's parents arrived.

Jack has now gotten to the point where he is able to sense Maya's seizures before they occur, even rushing to her side to break her fall sometimes.

Jack is Maya's constant companion and has helped greatly in her socialization. Maya's parents call Jack their daughter's guardian angel. After his efforts became known, Jack was named the People's Choice Valor Dog of the Year award winner.

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Dogs truly are little girl's best friend!
Nice story! Thanks for sharing :)


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