So, the parents of my first dog have recently had another litter.  I am sorely tempted to take one, but this would make a third puppy (the other two are 3 and 2.5 years).  We have a newborn, too.

I know I probably shouldn't, but what does the collective say?  Is there something I should know that might influence me one way or the other?  My father told me a third would be bad, that two would gang up on one and I would then need four.  He never explained what would stop three from ganging up on one.  But, I thought maybe he had some insight into wolf pack psychology.  He probably doesn't, but...

Well, maybe you all do.  Help me out.  These dogs are cute and the pup we had from these parents is a sweetheart!

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Hahaha! We haven't been allowed over to see the pups yet. We will see, we will see.
Well, the spousal unit found herself between jobs shortly thereafter, so we held our family to the current number. She has since found a new job, but I think we have gotten over our puppy love. We really do have our hands full at the moment. I am a sucker for puppies, though.


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