On August the 23rd at 1:33 PM, Emily (my Rottie) jumped up and ran over to me and gave me 28 frantic arm kisses.  I was working as usual from home at the time.  I thought it was so odd, I put it on Facebook...

"For reasons unknown, as I was working, I just received 28 kisses from Emily on my arm.  She must know I'm down :)"  

My sister replied a few hours later (after being evacuated from her building near DC), "Maybe she felt the earthquake."  I didn't even know about it!!  I live in CT and some folks felt it, but I didn't.  Maybe Emily did!!!

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Aww, of course she did. Rotties are the smartest dogs of all! (when they want to be lol)

LOL.  When they want to be.  I am in love with this breed!  They have a history for sure!  I love this site (Kibbles 'n' Bits) on our TA site because I can explore unexplained things I observe from an objective point of view but at the same time with that little mystery.  She did get nervous and she did come to me and give me 28 kisses.  And I did FB it because it was so unusual. 

Something went on at that hour for her and later I found out about the earthquake. That's all I know. I can't prove anything. Just leaving it up there :)

I would believe it lol. My rottie can hunt things down that I have accidentally dropped while walking him (pencils, keys, etc). All I have to say is find my (whatever) and posture toward the ground like I am excitedly looking for something and he makes a bee-line to it every time.


But... his brother psyches him out constantly. Go figure lol. 


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