The Tremendous Ones' inaugural speech was his most religious yet where his vague beliefs were awkwardly expressed. Does he intend to build a wall around the whole nation?

Sean Spicer creates more fake news and then runs away without defending it. The Press Secretary in the world’s largest democracy that will not answer questions from the Press? Maybe they see the Press as an opposition party. Nothing bad will come of it and everything will be alt right.

Six facts and five myths about the inauguration.

Instead of debating Christian apologists on their terms it might be time to give Bayesian counter-apologetics a chance. It will take time to work through this article but we are in school to learn new ideas.

It is 500 years since the “Reformation” began. To celebrate, we take a look at its five most violent moments.

We will engage in some blasphemy today for you, Thomas Aikenhead if you prepare a seat for Warren Allen Smith.

Christian fundamentalist schools endanger the welfare of children.

This weeks’ Woo: Will Trumps' rhetoric empower Anti-Vax doctors? They need to do better.

The problem of the Lazy Brain in the post-truth era if you cannot spot common fallacies.

Climate Change: The Trump administration has already solved the problem. What is left to be done after the scientific data is saved from Trump?

Can Science prove the existence of God?

As all Life on Earth is related and has evolved into complex forms, is it more likely that it enabled by a very simple starter-kit?

Maybe interbreeding with Neanderthals was not a great idea?

How much more can we learn about the Universe with Lawrence Krauss?

Ten things we did not know last week. These photos did capture the full picture of the crowds during the inauguration. Some more photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: The Rubin Report on New Atheism. Aziz Ansari stand-up on SNL.

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I am humbled by his skill and talent!  Amazing!

I tend not to use my hand with them and leave nature to take its course!!

Speaking of wide variation in a species, what if advanced alien breeders wanted various breeds of human pets; what would you rather be like? A Bulldog or St. Bernard? A cute little floppy-eared Pygmy, or a super-long canine-toothed Schwartzenegger?

I think there are over a hundred "official" dog breeds these days, artificially selected. Just think of the possibilities of ten or a hundred thousand years of developing humah breeds.

Whoops, my dystopian humor again, up there. Maybe not *alien* breeders, but advanced AI robot overlord breeders, native to Earth?

Or a super-intelligent, native breed of Fronkeys that learn how to breed their humans.

Thanks Reg.

The whole Inaugural broo ha ha with numbers is fascinating. Brings new meaning to the phrase, "are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?". I feel so sad for my country.

Did a geneology(sp) test a while back. Came back 59% European, 27% West African, 17% Native American. It tested for Neanderthal and mine came back with a .023% sample of the gene. Guess my European side. My 59% European was mostly from the Iberian peninsula. Spain, Portugal, southern Italy. Still don't know how much credence to put in to this.

Can't wait for the impeachment hearings. As soon as the Repub's figure out this guy is seriously flawed...

Don't hold your breath Noel, can you not seen what he has done? He has surrounded himself by the kinds of people who will fight to the death to back him up no matter what. The asshole is not going to be impeached. We need to get used to that reality.

But that would be up to the House. I'm crossing fingers for a good mid-term election, which is not dependent on state & electoral college power.

Well ok, and the Senate's needed to be sure to kick the guy out.

Problem will still be, Pence might not back him up.

(P.S. I was at a library this morning, where people were laughing at pictures in the papers of T, with a Hitler mustache drawn in.)

My result was all Euro, mostly German, Irish, English with some Nordic and Mediterranean, and with about 3% Neanderthal and some Denisovian.  I don't know what that makes me!

From the article, "1 to 2 percent of one’s risk for depression is determined by Neanderthal DNA." - so 98% to 99% or our risk is from Homo sapiens DNA.  Maybe we would be better off if we were more, not less, Neanderthal.  I don't know about addictive tendencies and skin disorders.  Maybe I don't understand it correctly, but it seems like if someone is, say, 3% Neanderthal, and the contribution to their depression risk is 1-2%, the math for increase in risk doesn't pan out.

There needs to be a crime of constitutional significance, and enough Repubs who are not just wanting power, to impeach.  It looks like most Repubs are falling into line and would not fight Trump unless it was really obvious and they could see it to their advantage.  It's true that Pence is more mainstream, relatively speaking, and many Repub Congressional reps and Senators might prefer him.  What would really do it, and everyone knows, is if Russia releases tapes.  Which they have no incentive to do unless Trump is a bad poodle.

Thanks Reg for the Sunday School.

Isn't India the largest democracy in the world?

Yes, that is correct Onyango. I wrote that line with the taste of vinegar in my throat!  Ghandi was once asked what he thought of Western civilization. He replied, “Yes, I think it would be a good idea”.

The link about lazy brain was interesting.  I need to be reminded not to make knee-jerk assumptions about news stories, or about anything else, unless necessary.  Sometimes reflexive decision is necessary, such as when driving.  Given how much time is devoted to that activity, I wonder if it influences our decision making tendencies in other settings.  Amygdala processing must also bias our brains toward snap decisions or judgements.  Knowing that, how do we put that knowledge to work?  How do we, not only influence our own thinking to be better, but also influence others?  Political and religious propagandists have a knack for that.

I enjoyed the fallacies of logic review.  It would be nice, for me, if the author demonstrated actual examples of those biases as they present in social research, rather than mainly hypothetical. Not that it was writren "for me"  :-)  I dont doubt that they occur.  One thing I like about that review is, it's nice to be able to be clinical about news or commentary, and say "Oh, that's a straw man assertion!" or "That's an ad hominem attack".  That's what I do when I see gas-lighting, which I think can employ whatever fallacious assertion or diversionary tactic that is useful, rather than being in a single category.  There is also the argumentum squirrilum, corresponding to telling your dog "look Charlie, a squirrel!" or argumentum shinyum, corresponding to the "oooh, shiny!" approach

"How do we, not only influence our own thinking to be better, "  

- I'm told that mindfulness meditation promotes "slow", "considered" over "fast" thinking.  


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