Angry Christians brand critics of Islam as “anti-Muslim extremists”.

The AA is out of step for many atheists.

The GOP is losing Evangelical Christians as they move away from politics. The end of white protestant influence is nigh even if Trump says he will ensure their religious privilege liberty.

Donald Trump tries to break Thomas Jefferson’s leg.

Would Jefferson get elected in Texas if he was running for office today?

Angry white men continue to attack Megyn Kelly.

Women deserve Equal Rights, not chivalry. The world needs more leadership from women.

Where are all the African American atheists?

The Vatican helps Catholics to urn their place in Heaven.

As the Taliban retakes the territory it lost over the last 15 years, the girl with the beautiful eyes is arrested.

Aleppo prepares for another harsh winter. It could be a cold spring for many as the Polar Vortex returns to North America.

Surviving the fall of ISIS.

This weeks’ Woo: Why Bigfoot and other beasts haunt some people’s imagination.

Religious beliefs are linked to a lack of understanding about the physical world. In that space a dissonance is created which allows for conspiracy theories to flourish.

Lands around the Mediterranean could turn to desert while human activity is causing an unprecedented global mass extinction of wildlife species.

The discovery of Planet Nine could be just around the corner, relatively speaking.

The human genome only makes sense in 3D.

This Halloween some clowns may be wandering about so stay indoors and watch a movie.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: Brian Cox answers a few questions. Jim Al-Khalili on quantum Biology.

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Thanks, Reg!

Thanks Reg I've been schooled

Thanks Stephen. I still have no plans for end of term exams ;-)

Thanks Reg as always.  Personally I think that women should have equal rights and chivalry, because of the physical size and strength difference. 

Have a great (spooky) week everyone!

It is the mark of an educated mind, to entertain a thought without accepting it.


Nice lesson plan, Reg!  Thank you!

I was a fan of SPLC.  Now I have major doubts.

Ali is a big hero to me.The Catholic church really has better things to spend their time on, than what to do with someone's ashes.  I mean, really.  If someone's ashes are thrown into the sea, does that mean they don't get to be resurrected?  If so, what about people who drown and are eaten by fishes?  What about people who are bombed in warfare, literaly to smithereens?  What about people who were buried for centuries, without filling their veins with toxic chemicals and encasing their coffin in a sealed crypt - do they also never get resurrected?  Or does the church just need people to buy their cemetery plots?

The article states that about 9% of nontheists are black, and that the US is about 13% black.  It doesn't seem to me like that's a gigantic difference.  The data suggest that African Americans are more likely to be religious than the rest of the population, but not as an either-or situation.

Yes, the Catholic Church should be more concerned with real world issues. If it were to deal with this case of the sexual and physical abuse of another 200 children in its “care”, it would be a start. They should stop pretending to know about what happens to Catholics when they die. There is no Heaven but they have helped to create a sense of eternal hell on Earth for many of their victims.


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