Raif Badawi faces further torture for insulting the religion that keeps insulting itself. At the same time the religion of peace shows mercy to a pregnant Indonesian woman.

Sweden is a good country for dead atheists.

An atheist gets a new vanity plate.

Creationists only know how to trick children.

More on the Atheos app to help atheists have friendly discussions with people of faith.

An interview with Richard Dawkins.

Atheists in Kenya fight to remove the word “god” from their national anthem.

The Satanic Temple is setting up After School Satan clubs to promote free enquiry.

Evangelical divisions will influence Republican politics for years to come. How would these girls vote if they were eligible to?

This weeks’ Woo:  Ozone Therapy.

How should science education evolve as Science constantly changes?

A new species of dinosaur is discovered in Australia.

The use of stone tools by our evolutionary cousins but is using those same cousins for medical research justified?

How plankton reacts to changes in ocean temperature as Greenland starts to turn green and the sea starts to swallow West Africa.

Hubble reveals trillions of galaxies in the Universe.

Somewhere in the Library of Babel there is a book on how to win the cosmic lottery.

Who is Madaya Mom?

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: The morality of robots. Plato not Playdoh - Philosophy for children.  

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Have a great week everyone!

Could a being create the fifty billion galaxies, each with two hundred billion stars, then rejoice in the smell of burning goat flesh?

- Ron Patterson.

Lol!! Thank you Reg!!
Thanks, Reg!

Some great reading there!  Thanks Reg!

On cemeteries, this is not overtly atheist, but is where I have chosen for my elements to return to the earth.  It's not overtly atheist, but no toxic chemicals, no steel or concrete wasted.  The body is just wrapped in a biodegradable shrowd and buried, to become part of the natural nutrient cycle.   Who needs to pretend their corpse will be preserved in formaldehyde and encasement, when we all know that's not true?

Actually, Sweden is probably a good country for live atheist too :-)

Lots to read here.  I better get to it!

An atheist cemetery is an awesome idea! Wouldn't fly here in the US I'm afraid.....

I sometimes cringe when I hear religious people tell me about how they are certain they will be going to heaven. I almost fell embarrassed for them. They would consider themselves to be mature adults yet they persist in believing that they are immortal. In my brain I hear the phrase “Oh, not another one!” and lose interest in having any meaningful philosophical discussion with them. I used to be more considerate but now I am almost dismissive of this belief. I accept that I may be guilty of some form of elitism or intellectual snobbery but I cannot get away from the fact that I am compelled to regard such statements as too simplistic to be taken seriously.

As your Gonzo attorney I advise you to watch this.

Lol!!! Yes!!! That is a funeral.....

Hell yeah!!!

I was imagining Hunter S. Thompson and his big Samoan attorney attending the recent candidates’ debate in Las Vegas. Listening to Trump would have induced a serious bout of Fear and Loathing!


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