Start your Sunday with a journey to the Galapagos Islands where Charles Darwin developed his Theory of Evolution.

We are still using his Theory as this article on the early evolution of our species shows and why we care about Human Evolution.

On the other hand the Creation Museum claims its newly acquired dinosaur fossil is evidence of the Biblical flood.

Has the mystery of the Abominable Snowman been resolved? Yes, according to a leading geneticist.

What are the most valuable school subjects according to this Gallup poll?

So much Woo….What harm can it do?

So what exactly are all those fallacies we keep mentioning in the discussions forum?

No Ordinary Violence – an interesting blog by Sam Harris probing the reasons behind violence.

This time someone records the stenographer as we are told we cannot serve two masters.

An attack on the Federal government shutdown may be somewhat extreme but it is worth a read.

Climate changes will affect every part off our oceans. Here is the full academic study.

Can the Tea Party distinguish between religion and politics anymore, if they ever really did? This article does not find much middle ground.

A School Board approves a policy change to enable PTO organizations to operate independently from the school system.

Seems Secular Humanists are even worse than Atheists according to this Christian, John Hagee. Their moral code would “make a sow blush” ;-)

So the Family Research Council is still ranting about Christians in the military having to hide in the closet.  Don’t ever underestimate how low the depths this right-wing group will sink to, especially with Fox News as their mouthpiece. This article is well written and thought provoking.

No medals for these Boy Scouts as they destroy an ancient rock formation in Utah.

Did you hear the one about the Atheist, the Jew and the Christian that walked into Fox News?

Blessed are the Cheese makers!!  Would the “Life of Brian” get made today?

Coffee Break with a Ted Talk.

Once again thanks for any links or suggestions sent in via the chat option or email. Have a great week.

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 That scout "leader"  who pushed that rock formation had just filed a back injury claim.


Thanks again, Reg!

The Tea Party article was very informative and the evolution article taught me a thing or two.

Happy Sunday, everybody! :)

Thanks Reg, have a fine Sunday everyone


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