Was Jesus based on a real person from history? "The short answer is NO," according to Biblical scholar Joseph Atwill, "in fact he may be the only fictional character in literature whose entire life story can be traced to other sources. Once those sources are all laid bare, there's simply nothing left." Read the full article here.

Divorce can be an expensive business, especially if you happen to be Jewish and live in Brooklyn.

Here is a concise explanation of the situation in Syria.

Oh, congratulations Peter Higgs on winning the Nobel Prize for Physics. Well done also to the Peace Prize winners.

I had hoped that Malala would win. She is winning her audiences hearts though. Her Jon Stewart interview on the Daily Show is included.

All hail the FSM (praised be his name) as a Pastafarian wonders why God is on the agenda. Would he be allowed to pray at Federal government meetings asks the Supreme Court?

Here is an interview with Bill and Melinda Gates on their Foundation partnership.

Ken Ham from AIG thinks attacking Creationism is attacking Christianity. OMG there is no GOD!!

An expensive study funded by the Templeton foundation is to be carried out to see if there is a correlation between religion and health. At the same time are we becoming less religious in the West as we live longer?

Climate change deniers get a telling off as conservative media is found guilty of biased coverage.

Quantum Mechanics is only a glimpse of something deeper than reality?

Cutting funding to Science could lead to problems in the future.

American Atheists dislike the misuse of public funds in Alabama.

Juno says hello as it heads off to Jupiter.

This hotel room game is silly but you know you will play it at least once…proper footwear required.

Here is a list of some Atheist Podcasts.

Your 10 minute coffee break video.

I would like to thank those that sent me suggestions during the week. If you stumble on anything you think we should read about please send via the chat option or email.

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Thanks for the Syria explanation, I seem to always miss the whole story if I happen to hear anything about it.

I wasn't even legitimately outraged by the Government shutdown until I read funds being cut in the science department.

And you know what, thanks for doin' this, I've not been on TA that long but I have enjoyed Sunday School here far more than I ever did in adolescence. 


Reg, thanks for the links. I am told Carrier wrote a response to Atwill. I haven't seen it yet, if anyone has, they could paste it hear.

@Onyango - Here is a link to Carrier’s reply to give a different perspective. I think this story will run for a while.

Thanks Reg

I am going to be staying in a hotel next weekend and I can't wait to play Hide the Bible!  I was looking forward to going a lot, but now I am looking forward to it even more!  Thanks!

I hadn't thought of that.  I imagine there's not much that can be done about it by the average hotel guest.  I did check the hotel to see if it is on the bed bug registry.   The one at which  I am staying has never had any reports of bedbugs.

Where I am going, Philadelphia, has a huge bedbug problem.  Gross!

Nice to see Sunday school back Reg.

I found this video interesting, made me want to ask the fundies if this means their Dog hasn't finished his work yet???


Thanks Bill yes, it is a great video. Of course the Theist will say that their book knew all about this long before Science discovered it. I always point out to them that those photons have spent more than half their journey travelling without the Earth even existing.  The Universe does not know or care we exist.

Great links and lessons, Reg!

Great TED talk!  I was literally having my morning coffee, and now I feel halfway motivated to get up and do something!  Well, in a little while, maybe, 


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