Raif Badawi has been awarded the Sakharov Prize by the European Parliament but that may not stop his next 50 lashes from happening soon in a country that has legitimized fundamentalism.

In Dhaka another atheist blogger has been hacked to death by members of the religion of peace.

Maybe Pakistan will reform its draconian Blasphemy Laws?

The secular debate in France and India.

On judging political candidates for their Faith.

Pope Cuddles and 275 other men in fancy dress hold a meeting on the family and conclude that there are absolutely no grounds for same-sex marriage.

An early version of the King James Bible sheds light on how it was inspired compiled.

Some more on the discussions about Islam between Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz.

Penn Jillette brings home the Bacon.

On the futility (or not) of finding something meaningful in the Grand Scheme of things………

Russia’s declaration of a Just War in Syria will have consequences.

The one-sided assault on women by weak conservative men.

George Orwell would approve of the “Defend Free Speech” lobby group in England.

This weeks’ Woo: The Truth about Homeopathy and some Ghostbusters.

Evolutionary Psychology and Determinism.

What exactly is Genderqueer?

Will our new robot overlords be good philosophers and consider turning off the Internet?

Cassini has taken photographs of Enceladus from just 30 miles away.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

Coffee Break Video:  Dan Dennett on Tools to transform our Thinking.

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Have a great week everyone!

A quote from the Sam Harris story: “A sincere belief in paradise really takes the guard rails off civilisation”.

I love that. Thank you Reg! You da bomb! Lol.....

Thanks Belle, I drop the bombs from my ship "The Rocinante" :-)

El Caballo? Lol....

Yes, He is a great horse that never tilts when he  sees a windmill. I was going to translate that into Spanish but even experts can make errors when translating languages like good old King James's men did.

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I'm now crying from laughter.....Is the Farmer going to the festival for his leafy greens? Those Fronkeys have quite an appetite! LOL!!!

Great links, my bookmark menu overfloweth. :)

Thanks for the lessons, Reg!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I got organised last year and now have all my bookmarks and favorites in order....so hopefully I will stick to that plan. I also back them up....even Jesus saves....

Could you help me see the relevance of the King James Bible article? It's hardly news that the Bible was translated, and of course there's a human element to the translation process, but a translation is just... a translation. Like any other translation, the KJV can be compared to the original documents to see if it's a good translation or not. 

As a Christian, I didn't find anything in the article that challenged or surprised me, so I'm curious why y'all would see it as diminishing the credibility of the Bible. 

Incidentally, thanks for putting these together, Reg. I know I'm not your target audience, but I enjoy looking through the links each week. 

David!!! How are you?? Buddy, pal, friend :-)

Fun fact for you: did you know that the original word used to describe Mary as a "virgin" really meant in that language "woman of marriagable age" - not literally that she had never had sex before.....it was TRANSLATED (generations later) as virgin SO THAT Jesus could be deemed "Lord".....one of many examples why translation is problematic.

I happen to do some translating for the local Planned Parenthood office on occasion when they need documents drafted in Spanish. It's NEVER 100% literal because in language the way people "think" in how they speak and thus how the language evolves over time.....I could provide you with umteen examples, but my point is that translating ANYTHING inherently changes the meaning. So in my example of ONE WORD (virgin) being mistranslated......throws a big ass monkey wrench in the whole story doesn't it?
PS. I'll be posting a discussion soon about Gary Chapman's "Sacred Marriage" you might find intriguing....and that podcast is still in the making!!!! (as soon as I find my computer power cord, lol.....

Hi Belle! :-)  Hope you're doing well. 

You're right that parthenos doesn't have to be translated "virgin" (though it can mean that), but Luke 1:34 says that Mary was confused how she could have a child since she was a "parthenos," which only makes sense if she meant she was a virgin. Furthermore, Matthew 1:18 says that "when His mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child by the Holy Spirit." And Matthew 1:23 references a prophecy from Isaiah which speaks of a virgin having a child. Of course, you can reject all that as superstition, but it doesn't make any sense to say that virginity only comes into that story through that one ambiguous word that could be translated otherwise. The idea of virgin birth was part of the gospel narrative from the very beginning. 

^ That actually illustrates nicely how translation works. Sure, the meaning can be ambiguous sometimes, but there are about a million ways to work out the original meaning. Just like you could translate the PP literature in a way that was faithful to its meaning, Bible scholars today can translate the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts to get trustworthy English translations. 


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