These moderate Muslims believe stoning people is the “best punishment possible for humankind”. Sam Harris has another article on Islamophobia.

Students raise money for cancer with a unique “Stone an Atheist” campaign. I like the idea and maybe it could become a regular fundraising feature everywhere. Pass it on.

His congregation may be stunned but are we? No, there is nothing immaculate about this story.

Sorry, don’t work Sunday’s if you really love to worship your god. Another legal challenge here

Do physicists stay up all night hoping for the answers to dawn on them?

In Egypt a student is arrested for insulting messengers and prophets.

Most Americans think policy decisions do not need to reflect religious belief, according to an ABC survey.

Another Christian has no problem insulting Atheists for not believing what he believes. Faux News story.

Ray (Bananaman) Comfort tells it like it is: We are all born evil and his god, not humanism is the solution.

In Kentucky a Baptist childcare agency is taking a step forward by considering hiring gay/lesbian staff.

Why debunk climate change deniers?

Richard Dawkins gave an interview to the New Republic.

The War of the Worlds was first broadcast 75 years ago. The truth behind the “mass hysteria” is examined and shows the power behind creating a good myth.

We often discuss medical quackery on the site. Here is a review of a new book on the subject. Don’t forget to visit the TA bookstore if you intend to buy any books online.

Florida State hosted a lecture on the history of public atheism in America.

Climate Change poses risks to food production.

I have waited years for this….Atheism as a school subject on the official curriculum.

Coffee break video: This talk on gender violence will challenge your perceptions. Don’t be a silent bystander.

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LOL!!!!! The stoning atheists for fundraising absolutely MADE MY DAY!!! That is SO funny!

If any college students read this then please start one in your own University. It will be a success. Apart from the fun side of it and raising cash for a good cause, it will create a debate about how Atheists can do good with expecting a reward for it. I really think this has huge potential.

I actually admire the way he's (Priest Daniel McFall) is handling it.......ha! Get it... Mc FALL.....LOL!!!!

I mean from the way it sounds he is doing ALL the right stuff to take responsibility and be transparent. He's going to "make sure the baby has the love and support it needs..." Per his words. Instead of lying or trying to cover his tracks and keep his position he's voluntarily leaving the post....good for him.

He's just a man. He shouldn't have to feel guilty for needing/wanting sex....but that's the shortcoming of his faith, they don't allow you to be human.

Yes, enforced celibacy is one of the worst forms of sexual perversion. The Church would be stronger and better if it allowed it to be voluntary rather than mandatory. Hark at me advising the Catholic Church!! Haha.


It's true though! For the same reason you see a lot of rape in muslim countries for example (where's kOrsan when you need him, lol) I think he said once that's caused a lot of men to go fucking CRAZY because they can't get their sexual needs fulfilled in a healthy way, so they turn into monsters...ok exaggeration here maybe but any kind of sexual repression breeds sexual perversion IMHO.

Make sure to watch the "coffee break" video.


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