50 years of Conspiracy Theory or so they would have you believe!!

If you have superpowers but cannot get a job then the IIG might give you $100k.

Would politicians make better decisions if policy makers had a better understanding of Science? An understanding of these 20 concepts would be a good start.

Why it is important to teach Science to children.

Scientists have fully sequenced the Denisovan genome but have they discovered yet another hominid species?

Scientists explain the evolution of their ideas on Climate Change

We often discuss the intolerance of the religious towards women on TA. It is good to see it highlighted by the UNHRC.  I hope they keep saying it. We will.

The Fermi Paradox asks why we don’t see any sign of intelligent life in space given the vast number of other planets in the universe.  Have the odds changed now that there could be 40 billion habitable planets in just our galaxy?

Anyone need a “Manual for creating Atheists”?

This is a very interesting and well researched academic article on “New Atheism”, its origins, politics and future social influences.

The Supreme Court upholds the firing of creationist school teacher John Freshwater while in another case an Atheist group sues a high school over morning prayers.  However censorship of Atheists books at University is too much though not as pathetic as what happens in Kuwait.

Sunday Assembly in Australia for Atheists…..and God is not invited to the wedding.

Comet ISON will be viewable this week.

Sam Harris on the high cost of tiny lies.

Coffee Break video….Science through play.

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I like the article on teaching science o kids. I am amazed and dumbfounded as to why the school systems don't realize and understand this. It is a no-brainer!!! The younger a child starts to understand the world around them and use critical thinking, the better off they will be throughout their life.
The blasphemy laws in Kuwait are absolutely horrifying. "Maddening" doesn't even cover it. "Sickening" only scratches the surface.

If my super power includes giving women heart palpitations with a kiss, does that count?

This Week:

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women


Primate Pride Day...so stand on both feet to support it as you look up for Comet ISON

Personally, I believe JFK was most likely assassinated by a Marine trained sharp-shooter Lee H. Oswald who was acting alone for reasons that are well documented. I know that sounds crazy.

Anyone surprised by this Oliver Stone Quote? I mean he's a good director and all but, he converted religions based on his own movie....

"Which of your other movies would you say is more exemplary of your inner philosophy?

Oliver Stone: Heaven and Earth. The beauty of the woman, Le Ly, a true story. Her ability to forgive her enemies. To transcend her pain. I think that is a great ending. It's a great moral. She was a Buddhist and she converted me. To the Vietnamese church and then I went on to the Tibetan."


There were too many shots fired in too short a time with that type of rifle, it doesn't seem to fit among other problems with such a simple explanation. I doubt that the official story will ever reflect those issues. Kennedy had powerful enemies.

I'll go with the evidence, some of these guys in the vid below beat Oswald's time. Oswald had been seeking fame all along, with his "big return" from the USSR, his attempt at killing General Walker, and finally by shooting JFK. He was so proud of himself, this man was no mule for some big conspiracy, he was a drama whore.

I think that Oswald's first shot just went off way high before he could aim (like shooting a wad too soon), and the bullet finally came down years later only to hit the Challenger during its final reentry.


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