The Senate has passed ENDA, The Employment Non-Discrimination Act and it immediately got some heated commentary. It even got support from unexpected quarters with backing from some Mormon senators.

What a shame that religious groups have been given exemption from it. Not only does that allow for decimation to continue, it gives validation to those Christians that engender hatred towards others. Millions of employees are still not protected from discrimination at work.

Some TA members dislike the militant approach taken by the horsemen of “New Atheism”. Albert Camus took a more humble approach. For him, his lack of faith did not proclaim that people of faith were therefore wrong about theirs.

Jews across Europe feel that anti-Semitism has risen over the last 5 years according to an EU report while Muslim groups are concerned about sectarian violence according to this Pew report.

We often ask theists why their God won’t heal amputees. Now scientists move a stage closer to limb regeneration.

You numbers up if you are superstitious. People really need to learn how to be skeptics, especially if they read articles like this one in the Washington Post.

The superstitious belief of faith healing cannot get much worse than this article into the deaths of children. Their parents cannot be prosecuted because faith healing laws are still on the statue books in Idaho.

While it is not just a choice between “god-did-it” and “a multiverse” this piece is worth a read.

The best astronomy photographs of the year from the Royal Observatory.

The truth is out there…… some documents from Area 51 have just been declassified. You can read some in pdf format. A Seattle site has some fun with this UFO which is just a thermal insulation tile. The chances that we are not alone have changed somewhat.

The Russian meteor impact is in the news again.  

The NASA GRAIL mission looks closely at the face on the moon.

Physicists discover a new sub atomic particle.

We all know about Darwin but don’t forget Wallace. Both would be amazed by the new Crispr technique that allows for editing any part of the genome. It has been called a game changer.

Coffee break: 6 minutes of Math or The Divided Brain.

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The "God-did-it" article was great and I've bookmarked 2 science sites that I did not know about.

The Russian meteor vid brought new light on it's arrival to our planet; these scientists are super smart and so is the technology. The Grail mission, another great article...geez, Reg, these links are very informative!

Thank you for the time you spend to unearth these precious gems for us! :)

Happy Weekend Everybody! :)

I am surprised at the amount of new sites I have discovered myself since taking a turn at Sunday School. I will try to pick the most interesting and varied each week.

If anyone finds a good site or article to include please let me know via email or chat.

Thanks Belle and Gary for your kind words.

If you work with research, academic papers or with citation analysis you will like the Sholarometer

I really enjoyed reading this and am looking forward to being a part of this group.

Congress's willingness to exempt itself and religious organizations from almost all anti discrimination statutes is truly embarrassing.


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