There are now more atheists than Christians in Britain. The percentage of “Nones” has almost doubled in the last 5 years. Maybe Christians should get a “New Christianity” if it has any chance of surviving. Atheists don’t need faith any more than we need religion. So are we now seeing the rise of a newer “New Atheism?

The United States began as a secular nation but what went wrong? Here are some of the ways that religion freeloads from the public purse. Maybe, like Dawkins, we should spend more time offending people’s religions, some more so than others.

More women than men are leaving their churches.

We have the Privilege of Not Believing.

There was a time when Islam respected enlightened conversation and the capacity to think freely.

A security guard is charged with assaulting a woman for using the women’s bathroom. Desmond Tutu wonders who would be happy to worship a homophobic god. It was love at first sight for this father too. While in Israel a beauty pageant ignores any religious divisions.

Courts in Turkey are not only jailing journalists for reporting on the misdeeds of government but they are also stripping them of their parental rights.

This weeks’ Woo: Online conspiracy theories and the fight against the Zika virus.

The stories from “former atheists” just keep coming as they try to sell their books. Some are more sophisticated than others but none of them seem to ever understand what being an atheist means.

Who will debunk the debunkers especially when it comes to Climate Change?

There is too much space junk up there.

How to tell the world you have discovered an alien civilisation.

It looks much more likely that the building blocks of life did indeed come from space.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil….

Coffee Break Video:  What if scientists could see our dreams? Neil deGrasse Tyson is tired of talking about reconciling Faith and Science.

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Have a great week everyone!

RE:This weeks’ Woo: Online conspiracy theories and the fight against the Zika virus.

In further analysis, the researchers found 86 percent of Twitter users sharing pseudo-science tweeted about vaccines in 2015 and at least 19 percent of the tweets were anti-vaccine.

The anti-intellectualism/conspiracy-theory wave is reaching epidemic proportions.

Thank you for Sunday School Reg!!!!
Thanks, Reg!
What an amazing collection of readings! Thank you for posting them!

I have not finished the entire list, but comments on a couple.

England becoming more atheist than christian - from a historic perspective, that's amazing. It feels like the history of England, and what makes that country what it is, is so intertwined with christianity, Catholicism, rejection of Catholicism for Protestantism, empire and fall of empire, all make up the country's identity. What is is now, post empire, but still with an archaic, celebrity monarchy, and now apparently heading to post-christian? Will British Muslims follow suit, or are they too tethered to their separate culture to secularize?

I'm glad women are catching up to nontheism too.

On former atheists writing books - I looked up the link. He was a neurosurgery resident at the time that he was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. The process of premed education, medical school, residency, and subspecialty residency, leaves many young priviliged doctors (he was a son of a cardiologist) emotionally stunted, intellectually impoverished, and incredibly entitled. Neurosurgery is more so that many other specialities - so we get people like Ben Carson as well.

Now to read about debunkers.... Thanks for the extensive reading list! Awesome!

Have a great week everyone and thanks Reg for a good Sunday school.

Awesome Tyson vid on god of the gaps.

Thanks for all the great links, Reg!

Thanks everyone for your kind words. It is good to get the feedback. There should be enough links there to get us through to next weekend! The "building blocks" story should be headline news everywhere.

Thanks for an excellent Sunday School as always.  I'll have to come back to this in a couple of weeks, as I only get a half-hour slot per day on the computer, lol, but I think Islam really, really needs another period of free-thinking.  One problem is that the conservatives are sometimes killers with machine guns.  I guess when a society is under threat of fracture, it becomes more conservative in order to try and hold everything together, maybe making a vicious circle.  It seems that religious conservatism is partly dedicated to making people unhappy, and this can only increase the general level of dissatisfaction within society. 

So at one time (a thousand years ago) certain segements if islam sort of respected free thought? So what and it's absolutely irrelevant to the point of absurdity regarding today's problem with islam.

Speaking just for myself, I think the only hope for Islamic reform is from inside Islam. So I feel it's safest for everyone to not discourage them from trying, especially when they've had some positive history already.

Muslims are afraid for their life to challenge that wicked religion. Reform from outside pressure seems more likely.


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