PZ Myers on an increasingly godless America that still would not trust a non-religious President, according to the latest Pew Survey.

The latest UN report on the Rights of Children is critical of the Catholic Church.

Not every non-believer would describe themselves as an Atheist. Image and fictional TV atheists?

Atheist groups need to apply for “religious status” from the IRS to seek parity with religious non-profit organisations.

On Muslims converts to Christianity living in the worlds “most godless place”.

In Pakistan the Blasphemy Laws are so tyrannical that to even criticize them can be seen as blasphemous.

The film “God Loves Uganda” which recently aired on PSB stations explores the justifications the Ugandan government took for its anti-gay laws from Evangelical groups from abroad. In response IHOP-KC have issued a press statement. Franklin Graham of the Family Research Council must not have seen it as he was busy being a brave Christian.

Compassion: the ultimate moral choice? Is our concept of fairness innate?

All you need to create matter from light is a Supernova in a bottle!!

The Top 10 New Species of 2014 (from a list of 18,000). The Creation Museum has a new exhibit.

How information from Twitter can map the emotional responses of a region in real-time. So long as the Tweets are not censored.

What the Psychic to the stars did not foresee.

Ten things we did not know last week.

For all Douglas Adams fans...today is Towel Day!!

Coffee Break Video: Randall Munroe ask a few “What if” questions.

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WTG Reg! Great post :)

Thanks Belle Rose....what is more startling is that the estimated cost in lost revenues to the US economy due to the special tax status of religion is $71 billion. Say that figure 3 times as you bless your with the sign of the cross. Camels and needles eyes.....In the words of Mark 10:26

The disciples were even more amazed, and said to each other, "Who then can be saved?"

PZ Myers on an increasingly godless America that still would not trust a non-religious President, according to the latest Pew Survey.

Interestingly, Obama has been to church just 18 times since he became president in 2008.

“He has not gone to church hardly at all, as president,” said Gary Scott Smith, author of "Faith and the Presidency: From George Washington to George W. Bush”, noting that it is "very unusual for a president not to attend" Christmas services.

Obama's church attendances are sometimes for social or political reasons. For instance, on Easter Sunday in 2010 the Obama family attended church in a Washington D.C. neighborhood where a horrific drive-by shooting had left five dead and four injured the previous week.

The president and most of his base portray him as more religious than his record would suggest, but Obama himself never seemed to be trying that hard in his personal habits and behavior (once he got elected).

Just curious, since the good example of Allosaurus fragilis fossilized bones purchased by Ken Ham's "museum" supposedly proves Noah's flood, how come the dino's didn't get invited on the cruise?

I actually love that picture.  I think that's me. 

What really happened :-)

Thanks for a great Sunday School as always.  The article "Compassion: The Ultimate Moral Choice?" is one I'm keeping.  Derek Beres seems really well-informed.  He's right about the benefits of compassion meditation, as I have found.  However, we shouldn't rely on this as the only motivator for people to behave compassionately or "well".  Another great motivator is "consequences".  I believe another great motivator is simply being given reliable, transparent information about how to act, and why - good advice in other words.  This thing I'm doing is shaping up to be an atheist bible - a storehouse of clear, powerful moral principles and information that all fits together into one big picture that can easily be navigated and understood. 

Excellent article on "Is our concept of fairness innate?"  It ties in with what I've been finding out about the evolution of our distinctly human morality.  The knowledge of this evolution helps (I find) to understand the modern moral landscape. 

Cheers Simon, I thought you would like it.

What the Physic to the stars did not foresee.

Typo: Psychic*

Thanks Matt, I could have spelt it "charlatan". (erratum).


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