The case in Massachusetts on removing “under god” from the Pledge of Allegiance has raised some rather curious points. I wonder if any judge attended Satanic Mass afterwards. Students in MIT no longer have to endure a religious invocation when they graduate.

The Religion of Peace has decided to murder a Sudanese woman for apostasy. She will also be given 100 lashes for marrying a Christian but not until she has recovered after giving birth.

I posted last week a story about a lawyer in Pakistan that was shot dead for defending someone accused of blasphemy. Now police there have taken a blasphemy case against 68 lawyers who protested against the recent arrest of a colleague.

The Internet will remember your sins! It could help shape the way we define our morality on a more global scale?

What is morally acceptable in your part of the world?

Pope Cuddles calls in Satan in his fight against Secularism.

If religion does not start wars, it certainly makes them more difficult to resolve.

(Apologise for the over use of the same paper for some of the links above but I decided they were all worthy of inclusion. I hope you find them interesting too).

Will the lives of women in India be any different under the new government?

Some commentary of the religious-secular divide.

The role of Secularism in Egypt.

Humanism or Atheism?

New evidence should cause us to change our views, (Bayesian Theory in a nutshell) so what does Scientific Arrogance really look like?

How to deal with the anti-science brigade.

Faux News claims the Ground Zero cross is historical rather than religions.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Video: It’s 4:00 in the morning!!

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Awesome Greg! Thank you!

You are very welcome Cesar. Thanks.

...Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. - Yoda

Something certainly needs to be done. I think economic sanctions... If they want to behave like barbarians then I don't want to trade with them.

The thing is Belle that it is happening in several countries around the world. All Religions discriminate against women. The Bible is very clear on this as is the Koran. There are sites that document cases from all around the world but they are too graphic for me to link to. So keep hold of your anger and channel it against the deniers and apologists that insist their god sets women free. What I find most annoying is that religious leaders do little to highlight human rights abuses against women or criticize those that justify their violent actions because their books permit it. However they will speak out against any Atheist that does and try to imply that such perpetrators are not “real” believers.

She is a very good orator and know how to keep your attention.

Greg thanks as always for taking time to compile all this. 

Thanks again Onyango.

Thanks for an excellent Sunday School Reg.  "The Internet will remember your sins!"  is an interesting idea, the internet being one of the places where our reputation is available for all to see.  This is very true and I hadn't thought about it before. 


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