I wonder what the viewing numbers will be like when on–demand Atheist TV airs this summer. You could check out some of the videos linked in the post or from here.

The US Supreme court is allowing non-elected Jesus to keep attending town council meetings in New York. Two non-Christians have been told to either leave the room or stick their fingers in their ears during the prayer session that opens each meeting. There are also some embedded links worth following in the post.

In Alabama a Supreme Court judge decides not to remain impartial as he declares that the First Amendment only applies to Christians. Sounds to me like he may have political ambitions.

An interview with Dr. Anthony Pinn, author of “Writing God’s Obituary”, a book about his journey from Methodist to Atheist.

In Islam, being an ex-Muslim is more complicated than just having a lack of belief in god. It is not easy to be an Atheist when you are surrounded by fundamentalists.

Who is Rashid Rehman?

Who is Raif Badawi? You might like to sign his petition here.

Islamic Sharia Law is a disgrace as there is no justice involved.

In India, Sonia Ghandi says that secularism is not just an ideal but rather a compelling necessity for a society that wishes to be inclusive and where no one group is “more equal” than any other, whether they are in the majority or not.

Why the world should demand action against Boko Haram as its leader claims that the god of the religion of peace has told him to sell over 200 children into slavery because a Western education is sinful.

A United Nations inquiry may find that the Catholic Church has violated an international treaty against torture. Why the delay until now? I wonder what Pope Cuddles makes of these figures?

The ideology of hard work.

How false information spreads online. Would a guide to BS prevention help?

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is at its highest level in 800,000 years.

Element 117 joins the Periodic Table.

Science helps amputees.

Sam Harris interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Video: Robert Sapolsky on the uniqueness of humans.

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Reg, thanks for a great Sunday School as always.  I look forward to checking out several of the articles which are relevant to "what I do". 

Belle, I thought I might see you here.  I've sent you a message, please check your ghetto phone... 

Thanks Simon. I have only recently heard of Robert Sapolsky. He is worth further consideration.

Alien Life created on Earth......

Agnotology, the making and unmaking of ignorance is that word Belle. Atheophobia, the fear of atheism, is another good word.

Belle, it sounds like you've had a bloody tough week hanging off skyscrapers. 


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