A blasphemy case in Denmark may help change the law on blasphemy while a court in Pakistan acquits a man accused of it.

Jesus refuses to allow a doctor to treat a six day old baby.

Religious solidarity is bigger than Trump because compassion is contagious.

Abuse survivor resigns from the Vatican’s Commission for the protection of minors.

Another Church that survives on the threat of violence. And another really violent one.

The FBI and religious illiteracy. We don’t need any more godly men to rule over us.

The new atheists of the Philippines.

This weeks’ Woo: Homeopaths are keeping anti-vax fantasies alive.

Climate Change: In Siberia melting permafrost might be opening up a doorway to hell.

Is it necessary to be happy to lead a meaningful life? Tell that to the Evangelicals.

I won’t be playing online poker anymore. Instead I will prepare for the Day of Reckoning!!

The laws of physics and the laws of life.

These microfossils could be over 4 billion years old. Darwin Day update.

There are no ghosts in this big machine.

God is powerless as evil triumphs in the Multiverse.

How Moral Outrage is self-serving while being outraged has its uses. Are we forced into being biased in order to preserve our sense of being right?

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil.…..

Coffee Break Video: How did that camel get there? Learn how to think better.

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Have a great week everyone!

You're at a concert, awestruck and breathless, listening to your favorite musicians on their farewell tour, and the sweet music is lifting you, carrying you away to another place . . . and then somebody's cell phone starts ringing! Breaking the spell. Hateful, vile, inexcusable. This inconsiderate jerk has ruined the concert for you, stolen a precious moment that can never be recovered. How evil it is to break somebody's spell! I don't want to be that person with the cell phone, and I am well aware that I will seem to many people to be courting just that fate by embarking on this book. The problem is that there are good spells and then there are bad spells.


Daniel Dennett - Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon.

Thanks, Reg!

Thanks Strega, sorry for the delay (again)!!

I think we can call it, "Fashionably late" - anticipation is always fun - Reg you rock every Sunday, mate

Thanks Reg.

In "Ten Things", did not have to know that the public swimming pools I frequented as a kid contained 75 liters of urine... LOL!!! That's just disgusting...

I suppose it must has been one of those pools people were baptised in that caused the "issue" :-)

Fun fact that I learned as a C.O...because one of inmates favorite thing to do is try to dump urine on you just to see how you'll react - urine isn't really worrisome- unless that person has a bladder infection or something, urine is actually cleaner than tap water in terms of bacteria! So in swimming pools it's mostly harmless...

One thing I just learned last night and didn't know (ew!): I was talking about men and sex with my best friend last night: As we are both divorced single mothers. She has been going on a ton of dates, and sleeping with a lot of guys. I was telling her: "be careful girl. You don't want to end up with AIDS or Herpes. You can't cure that shit. And she told me,

Her: "I have genital herpes.

Me: WHAT???

Her: Yeah, I got it last summer.

Me: From who?

Her: _______, he had a cold sore on his mouth and went down on me....

Me: that can happen?

Her: yeah,

Me: Are You telling any of these other guys you are sleeping with that you have herpes before you fuck them?

Her: No..

Me:....? That's fucked up.

The moral of the story: be more afraid of oral sex than swimming pools lol

Good one

Coffee Break Video: How did that camel get there...

Floridian fossil hunters are familiar with camel bones (and sloth). We never find land dwelling dino fossils because we were underwater then as we will be again..... in the not so distant future.


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