Have a Happy Day today and enjoy a slice of Pi.

Noah was a very good shipbuilder, says Ken Ham. Would he have this Christian on board to care for the two lions?

I so want to see this billboard happen.

Pope Cuddles is to use his superpowers to make a saint of a dead sadistic religious fanatic and lover of misery. Of course it has nothing to do with money.

Atheists seem content to face our mortality without religion.

The Orbit is a new atheist website.

This week’s Woo: Dietary Supplements.

Attacking the integrity of scientists will not help to tackle Climate Change. We need to be aware of what serious environmental changes will have on human life.

Do you need time to think about multi-tasking?

What to do when the Machine becomes so odious.

The great drama of Evolution with some simple proof of it from your own body. A new study shows that we do indeed carry a mix of DNA from other human species.  With so much variety on show can DNA explain the 1% difference between us and chimps?

Explainer: How American Inequality was created.

Educate Together wins the Irwin Prize for Secularist of the Year award.

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil….

Coffee Break Video: Richard Dawkins and the Enemies of Reason. Part One. Part Two.

Lewis Black on the Bible.

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Great Sunday School, Reg!

I loved the article on mortality. My brother, who is a devout christian, constantly tells me that when it is " my time to go", I will immediately convert. I constantly reply: If it's a car crash and I have 2 seconds, is that enough time? :)

Have a great weekend, Everybody! :)

Hi Gary,

I have a rebuttal to that “Atheist in a Foxhole” argument that theists use. When they use it I ask them something similar. “What happens if I die in my sleep and I am completely unaware of my own demise?” This is generally dismissed by them so I help them out with a better example:

“What if I was to be executed by firing squad in 10 minutes time?” (They like that idea better!!).

I tell them that I would not convert to any of the known gods because I do not fear what is on the other side of death. To me there is nothing I will be aware of because I will be dead. It will be just like it was before I was born when I was also not alive. Religions promise people that there is an afterlife and so removes the need to confront their own mortality. It is one of the main reasons people still believe in gods because it removes the fear of the unknown.

But do you as a Christian actually believe that you are going to become an immortal when you die? I don’t. I cannot believe that. It is an extraordinary claim. It is because I am an atheist that I have come to terms with only having one life and that I am content to live that life while being aware of my own mortality. What is more, I do not want eternal life.

People who fear dying the most are the ones that have never had the courage to actually tackle the subject of death and free themselves of the worry of it. Anyone who has really grasped what it means to live life without a religious dependency and is comfortable with their non-religious worldview would not even know which god to implore.

Depending on who I am talking with I may add:

Atheism is the more mature position here as it deals with the reality of our existence and not the unsubstantiated religious claims of eternal life. Think about that. You don’t really believe that you will exist for billions of years after you die, do you??

Some more here. Hitchens on Life and Death.

Thank you, Reg!

 The question I always ask Christians if "God" was so clever why did he give males useless nipples

I agree Ronald. Look what they did to poor Stewie Griffin :-)

.....or as Robert DeNiro might answer it.

All the better to tweak you with. :)


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