“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so why don’t you just keep quiet about your atheism!” Laurence Krauss in The New Yorker on why Hollywood thinks Atheism is bad for business.

Psychic Rose Marks did not foresee getting 10 years behind bars for fraud.

Maybe the CIA was watching her all along? I hope they can see the criminals claiming to cure cancer.

The leaders of the anti-vaccination brigade think that their beliefs are as valid as scientific evidence.

They are as bad as the Taliban in trying to prevent the eradication of Polio, accusing it of being a western plot against Muslims.

The new Christian boy scouts learn to salute non gay members.

Another Archbishop fails to pass through the “eye of a needle” as he ignores Pope Cuddles.

A Catholic priest has burnt some sinners for Lent. Maybe they should take on a more “do-it-yourself” approach. It’s enough to make the Pope curse and not even for grave robbery!!

Kenyan women asked to prepare for the coming of Jesus.

Christians and Muslims join forces to rid Egypt of demons.

Kansas to sit down and debate religious freedom laws.

Could the melting ice-caps release ancient viruses?

Who is BenBaz Aziz? A good news story this time just as it is for Jaber Mejeri.

Some more about Atheism in the Middle East.

Linda LaScola who kindly corrected information on the Clergy Project in a previous edition of Sunday School is interviewed by the Richard Dawkins Foundation here.

Nuclear Fusion is a step closer.

NASA and faith in space.

The Cosmos is all that is or was or ever will be. Our feeblest contemplations of the Cosmos stir us — there is a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation, as if a distant memory, of falling from a height. We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries.” — “Cosmos: A Personal Journey,” Carl Sagan 1980.

Tonight sees the screening of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with an introduction by President Obama.

Coffee Break video: That’s the new Cosmos series of course but while you are waiting…..Chairman Gooch on global corruption.

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Been trying to follow up on the Kenyan pastor and I haven't heard anything other than what is in the daily post. It was not covered by anyone else.

Thanks for the many links 

Science may even look for something a little bigger in the future once DNA recovery techniques get better. Imagine if we recreated a T-Rex!! DNA can last a very long time because it is just a molecule and not really “living” material.


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