Deluded theists commit a Nigerian Atheist to a mental health institution. Discrimination against Atheists maybe closer to home than you might think.

Update on Miriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman freed after being accused of Apostasy. I wonder if image obsessed Mormons were following her case, as they accuse a woman of the same crime.

The religion of peace wants to murder a Christian man and his 3 year old son.

An update on the “Dr Oz Fest”.

In China an acupuncture clinic infects 30 people with tuberculosis.

Religious freedom does not mean freedom to impose your beliefs on others.

Education should be beyond belief.

Let the secularization of Africa begin.

Supreme Court nominee Michelle MacDonald places her god above US Law.

According to William J. Murray American Christians are fleeing to Russia to avoid the scourge of LBGT Rights as he praises the free economy and Christian values that Putin embraces.

What has been the impact of Putin’s Anti-LGBT law within the first year?

It is about time the IRS began to investigate Churches.

Iraq and the wars about oil.

National Geographic has redrawn its Atlas as so much Arctic ice has melted.

The invisible diamond in the sky, the remains of a dead star.

NASA tests a “flying saucer”.

Most theists already call Atheism “a religion” so maybe we should start preaching to them!!

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Video: Making hard choices. Add empathy and power to your speech.

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RE: Another study by the University of British Columbia and University of Oregon found that people are likely to distrust atheists as much as they do rapists.

WTF!!?!?! Statements like that outrage me. I wonder why. I mean honestly. Why?
Perhaps we frighten them. If they truly believe that you can't be good without god, then we would be scary. And if they have a niggling doubt, and that we might possibly be right, then they'd have to re-evaluate their life perspective and that too would be scary.
Perhaps. I remember my own feelings of fear when I joined TA that I was "falling into Satan." One of my friends still tells me that I am being "deceived by Satan." I think it's the doctrinal fear that is instilled in believers to think that atheists are "against god." That's what I used to think, because I knew no different.
Thanks again (as always) for a GREAT Sunday school Reg!!! It always makes me smile. They say I look like a "happy Atheist." Lol

“If I find him, once we are done with him, I will kill his son as well, because his son is a bastard,” Ibrahim said, referring to Josef’s 3-year-old child. “He is not from a Muslim father.”

Religion of peace? Kill the child because the father left Islam for another religion? This type of irrational thought is very troubling to consider. You would be willing not only to kill a convert but the son for guilt by genetic association! This is true and unadulterated evil at it's best. 


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