Pseudoscientist Deepak Chopra has issued a Million Dollar challenge to skeptics and militant atheists. It should be funny enough to entangle your intuitive humor in your quantum neural network. Maybe he should learn the meaning of these scientific phrases.

Bob Jones University for Young Earth Creationists in Florida has told rape victims to repent and look for the “root sin” that caused them to be attacked. They also use biblical scripture to explain how the rapes are the victims fault.

A pastor in California explains the Christian way to parenting a gay child – turn them over to Satan.

A Spanish Court ruling to deport a political refugee shows how the fear of violence by followers of the Religion of Peace threatens free speech in Europe.

The Arab Spring has seen Islamists take more political power across the Arab world.

Seven signs that you’re in a cult.

Is it possible to be a Republican and an Atheist? Just how polarized have US political parties become?

Here is a good site for the latest research news from top universities if you want to bookmark it.

Is there anyone out there? This is a very good post on The Fermi Paradox. (Use Chrome if the page appears dark).

Data from BICEP that discovered gravitational waves (ripples in SpaceTime) at the onset of Inflation is being peer reviewed. What if Spacetime was a superfluid??

The UK government has banned the teaching of Creationism in free schools and academies.

How peaceful is it where you live?

A former Irish President thinks it is “bonkers” that Pope Cuddles is consulting the old boys club of bishops on family life. Maybe he inhaled something strange.

Does the Devil have all the good tunes?

An Atheist sues his former employer for religious discrimination at work.

Update on the Ground Zero Cross debate.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Police in Australia want a psychological test carried out on a man over his religious beliefs!!

Coffee Break Videos:

No inspiration porn from Stella Young. Abolish Blasphemy Laws. Why is it dark at night?

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WOW! Stella Young is a firecracker!

Great Sunday school Reg!!!!!!!!!!!
About the 7 signs.......

"But it is clear that when Bethany died, she was part of a community shrouded in fear and hatred, a community where those who spoke out were treated as though they didn’t exist. Their loves, desires, opinions, feelings, and whole personalities were invalidated, all in the name of God.

This story is so tragic!!!!!!!!!!!! This article made me cry! i was so surprised at the end. How sick.

This site - Sense about Science - may be of interest to some members.

That is very interesting! How does that fit in with the so-called "creation sciences"? How are they to be held accountable to making "corrections?" Hmmmm

But how c'd we come fum monkeys when thar is still monkeys?

An how come if Americans come from British people, there are still British people? 

The International House of Prayer was always spoken of very highly in the evangelical circles that ran my missionary group. And one of my mission leaders had gone to some sort of extreme prayer warrior IHOP type place before our training. It's nutty to read about all the nuttiness there.

The thing about cults is that when you are a member of one you never know you are. So even reading the “7 signs” would be of no help. I have helped some people to recover from the trauma of leaving a cult. Bear in mind that they don’t have to be living in the wilderness of Utah or some commune in California to be part of one. They can be in the “building next door”.

A sense of disobedience is a common trait. However it is not disobedience to god that is the problem as much as disobedience to their group leader is. There is also a sense that they have betrayed their friends and community. These are forms of emotional bribery that are played upon and this is true of “ordinary religions” to a lesser extent. Some ex-members will leave the cult even though they know that they will burn in hell for it. So that alone shows that living in a cult is worse than hell. It can take months before members start to understand that they have been victims of a fraud and even longer before they remove all the chains. Religion poisons everything.

Imagine living your life in a cave looking at shadows on a wall, said Socrates to Glaucon.

Reg, I think this is an interesting idea.  The cave could be "your head", the shadows "your thoughts and feelings" and the great outdoors, reality. 

RE: The thing about cults is that when you are a member of one you never know you are. So even reading the “7 signs” would be of no help.

You know what, you're right!!! I think what struck me about that article was that it reminded me of my own college years. I believe with all sincerity that the Christian fellowship I was a part of was a cult. Not as extreme, but.....I was definitely shunned and made to feel unwelcome in many instances. But simultaneously coerced to believe that the teachings were going to cure me of my pain and addictions....

I will never forget the night I was confronted about my enjoyment of smoking weed. I said (honestly) that it was the only time I felt close to God or even "spiritual".... the shit's legal! Ha! Wonder if it is still "against God" - fucking hypocrites. Although I have not smoked weed for many years now, I do believe in hind sight I carried around a LOT of guilt about being a "bad sinner" and thought there was something wrong with me.


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