Muhammad Ali did much to normalize Islam in America but for some Christians religious freedom should not apply to Muslims.

Women don’t need protecting from transgender women. They do need protection from Christian fundamentalist schools. Women in politics often face an absurd amount of sexism. In fact it is easy to argue that even Hollywood has not moved beyond it. Sexism is an everyday thing.

I apologise in advance for this as it might make you cringe but it is such a great example of stupidity and arrogance from a Christian who seems to hero worship the Bananaman. Even those theists I would consider more erudite constantly display a complete lack of understanding of what they understand atheism to mean. In fact their weak arguments tend to reveal more about the fragility of their own faith. The crap that these liars for Jesus write is only for the ignorant sheeple in the pews.

In Pakistan a non-Muslim files a blasphemy law complaint against Muslims.

What can the religion of peace do to distance itself from terrorism?

What is Original Sin?

Lawrence Krauss is sure that Hitchens never desired to end up in a celestial dictatorship while David Frum puts to bed any notion that Hichens ever had a conversion to Christianity in one.

AST is a new idea on the evolution of consciousness.

Stephen Hawking thinks that Black Holes may not be bald.

Cosmology, like all branches of Science, only advances when the consensus is challenged.

What is the likelihood of you believing in probabilities and just how likely was Ferris Bueller to have been caught on his day off?

This weeks’ Woo: The health and safety risks of GMO’s

Could Los Angeles become an entirely green city?

Ten things we did not know last week. Some photographs taken last week.

While you are waiting for the kettle to boil….

Coffee Break Video: An atheist who loves the Bible, a humanist who loves Physics and a Senator from the Nation of John Adams who speaks about “Equal Justice under Law” and we should listen to her.

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Have a great week everyone!

Have a great week everyone and thanks Reg

Who's bananaman?  

Hi Simon, you are correct. Here is Bananaman with Kirk, his intellectual sidekick. This is not a parody. They even have a recording of Charles Darwin!! Please keep your hand away from your face while watching the video in case you end up gnawing your own arm off.

Thanks for the "caught in a bear trap" warning.  :-) I'll skip it.

But yes, Banana Man is his own parody.  People who make a living writing satire probably complain about unfair labor practices when dealing with him as a topic.

Original Sin:  I disagree with JH Mckenna's analysis. 

I think there is such a thing as Original Sin.  Buddhism defines sin as greed, hatred/anger, and ignorance.  Beyond this, there's also doing the wrong thing.  It must be admitted that we are all innately prone to these things, as a result of evolution, "what God gave us".  It must also be admitted that at some level, we have a free choice of whether to do these things.  We are not implacably ruled by greed or hatred or ignorance or having to do the wrong thing - we can do something about all of these.  Therefore, Original Sin exists but not in the Biblical sense of Adam and Eve, snakes, apples, banishment etc.  Whatever the hell all that means.  Has anyone worked it out yet?  I haven't. 

"if we have a characteristic trait called original sin that inevitably leads us to enact sin, we are not truly free when we enact sin, and therefore we cannot be blamed for sinning.

- just get lost with your intellectual sophistry.  This is why so many intellectuals are so dumb and ineffectual. 

"If we are born with a defective moral compass, that should excuse us and not expose us to blame.

- excusing us - no.  We are all responsible for our own actions. 

"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."  - Jesus. 

- in other words, don't be too quick to judge [condemn] sinners, as we are all sinners.  Originally. 

"Some people could be born with deficiencies that will compromise moral choices; and where this is the case, as a characteristic quality, it must attenuate guilt. A wise Judge will see the mitigating role of a very low IQ even in a heinous murderer.

- shut. up.  shut up shut up shut up. 

Awesome article on AST (Attention Schema Theory). It begins to explain consciousness in a scientific context. First I've heard of tectum, wulst, HADD (Hyperactive Activity Detection Device), and empathy described short of actually using the word empathy.

My favorite quote:

[...] The relationship between language and consciousness is often debated, but we can be sure of at least this much: once we developed language, we could talk about consciousness and compare notes. We could say out loud, “I’m conscious of things. So is she. So is he. So is that damn river that just tried to wipe out my village.”

Cosmology:  I really agree with this: 

"The true gold standard for science is constant self-questioning, constant re‑evaluation, and constant open-mindedness in the search for better explanations."

Thanks for an excellent Sunday School as always. 

As ever, thanks everyone for the feedback.

The article on Muslims distancing themselves / their action from terrorism seems rather brilliant.  It reminds me of the Golden Rule, which can be stated as "I see that you need help, therefore I want to help you". 

"many are in fact too ashamed to admit that there is a problem with their religion. And having distanced themselves from the problem, they distance themselves from the solution.

- that figures. 

"But to go against the ruling fundamentalist interpretation of the Qu'ran that is taught in schools and spread via fatwas and clerics is a completely different fight.

- that's right, because those people enforce their opinions with machine guns and random killings. 

This article should be put around more as a huge dose of common sense. 


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