The trouble with Corporate Christianity. Are Christians getting preferential treatment?

Would Hobby Lobby please answer this question?

The French ban on wearing Burquas in public has been upheld.

Update on Mariam Ibrahim.

The fantasy of the ISIS Caliphate.

Pope Cuddles has given his official backing to the International Association of Exorcists.

This homophobic Catholic Archbishop may need his bigotry demons exorcised as his creed poses a danger to civilization.

A majority of people still think that Religion holds the answer to today’s problems.

Several religious leaders ask President Obama to allow them to discriminate against LGBT people.

Is there a race problem amongst Atheists?

Why believing in Astrology is not just harmless fun.

A win for Science as the BBC rules to keep science deniers out of TV debates.

Alan Guth on Inflation Theory.

Is the Earth ready to flip its magnetic pole?

Let’s say “Hello” to our cousins as Scientists decode Chimpanzee gestures.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Videos:

This is worth watching - Which globalized nation does the most good?

Finish your coffee with a little blasphemy - From Bibleman to bananas, Religion on TV gets dissected.

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Great Sunday School Greg! Thanks!

You're very welcome Cesar, thanks.

Excorcism! I've tried to ask Bob about exorcism but he never replies. Is it just a catholic idiosyncrasy or do other religions practice it too? (Ignoring the tv evangelicals who perform anything magical that they can stage manage).

I really can't wrap my head around exorcism. Even at the most basic level it's ludicrous.

Many cultures have the concept of procession by demons in their traditions. Usually their manifestations now have a scientific answer, such as epilepsy or paranoid delusion because people are becoming more educated.

Is belief in demons any more ludicrous than belief in gods? When people accept that they are saved by god they must also accept that others may need to be “delivered from evil”. If god is real to them, then so is the devil.

It might be useful to keep a crucifix nearby as they work at keeping vampires at bay. I keep one in the back of my van for when I am driving around solving mysteries :-)

I like the culture where they spit in the believers face to drive out the seems so fitting. :D

When the Catholic Church murdered the young epileptic Anneliese Michel, the idiotic killer priests insisted there were six demons possessing her, including Adolf Hitler, Judas Iscariot and Nero.

The saddest part was when the parents had the body re-buried in a proper coffin, a wacky nun contacted them to say she that had visions that Anneliese's body would be supernaturally preserved...and of course it wasn't.


This is a link from Robert’s Wiki above that is worth a look at too. Of course we atheists are arrogant for not believing what many Catholics believe.   

There is a collection of evangelicals in America that partake in the practice. One guy from Arizona has his daughter and two other girls help tag-team the victim, er, the possessed.

Great Sunday School.

RE: Does Atheism have a race problem, it is true that atheists in the activist role tend to ignore such issues as inner city public school disparity, and education QUALITY in general, focusing on creationism as a central theme, while many impoverished children don't even HAVE science in the classroom.

I would only make 2 remarks in response to her article. While I agree with her, I was waiting for her suggestion as to a solution. She offered none even for consideration. Also, the issue of race and African American dispairity is so great, and so multi-faceted that I think it is a bit inaccurate to suggest somehow that religion in African American communities is the problem that Atheists need to address so that the Atheist African American population will grow. The issues affecting African American communities are much greater than many people realize. The single biggest issue is the lack of the fathers. Hands down that is the biggest cycle that needs to be broken.

In the words of one of my favorite authors and experts on inner city youth in crisis, Jonathan Kozol, "Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win."

I think the solution should be an interest in helping African American fathers be healthy fathers. That will help keep children out of prison as adults.

You certainly have a knack for picking out some stellar TED talks :)



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