Christianity is the largest religion in American but which ones and in which States are the runners-up. Some more maps on various aspects of American life.

Christianity leads itself to being sexually repressive. It must remain so in order to survive.

Christian fundamentalism is disempowering for women as it attempts to remove many of their reproductive rights.  Some members of the Senate are hindering attempts to allow women these rights by blocking the Women’s Health Protection Act.

Coffee ready? Reason should be a slave to the passions and why presenting facts which contradict existing beliefs can actually strengthen those beliefs – the Bounded Rationality Thesis.

Dinesh D’Souza’s “America” is reviewed as a “laughable embarrassment”.

The ACLU is suing a city mayor for endorsing religious beliefs. Of course setting good example in public office comes from the top, like the Governor in Iowa.

The IRS has agreed to investigate the political activity of churches after reaching a settlement with an atheist legal group.

In the UK there is very little evidence to suggest that Faith Schools provide a better education.

This Ohio test implies that Atheists are more intelligent than theists. I suppose that’s what happens when you learn to think critically.

I thought this was going to be interesting but once again it is just another misrepresentation of Atheism by a Christian who quotes works of theology to make his points. Like last weeks’ link, it is worth reading to understand how and why Christian arguments against Atheism fail. Do they not know that we have to deserve the presence of the divine in our lives for him to show up?

The Society for Science-Based Medicine is being sued for criticizing some dubious claims.

A reminder that Atheist TV is airing this week. Will it show “Black Jesus”?

ISIS goes on a vandalism spree in Iraq.

In Egypt the Ministry of Religious Endowment launches a campaign against Atheism.

That “I’m Spiritual not Religious” thingy again….

Have the Intelligence Agencies cracked TOR, the firewall many use to access information in nations that censor the Internet?

Do feelings of power equate to being more cold-hearted?

Lollipops for Jesus.

Ten things we did not know last week.

Coffee Break Video: The unseen world around us made visible.

Have a great week everyone! Thanks to Strega for the first link today.



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Spiritual but Not Religious

That's what some of the dating sites had as a "religion selection". I recall noticing that lots and lots of people selected that one.


 “Spiritual” has become a ubiquitous self-descriptor for many. It is popping up everywhere. It is as if I had bought a purple car and then started to notice purple cars everywhere. I just keep asking people to explain what they mean by it…you know…in a transcendent kind of way.


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